Darth Gill Face Mask Ready for Techwear

If you are looking for a fashionable mask that looks like it is from Darth Vader, check out the Darth Gill Face Mask. It is now on pre-order. BTW, you can increase 6x the lifetime of a surgical mask by using this Gill mask.

Gill Mask is from a Singapore company. Previous edition is white in color. It is only recently that they are accepting pre-order for the black version.

It DOES NOT provide you with any filter. Instead, it provides you two empty catridges that you can easily use your existing surgical mask to make them into filtered ones. Check out how it can be done.

The concept is neat. With just a 1/6 of a piece of surgical mask, you can get the same protection as a surgical mask. Some features of the Gill Mask

  • EXTEND FILTER USE UP TO 6X – Other respirators need to be thrown away or require expensive proprietary replacement filters to stay effective. Our patent-pending system allows you to use DIY filters cut from other filter materials.
  • REDUCE WASTE – Keep the same respirator and choose the filter that suits your needs. Use only the part that actually provides protection.
  • MADE FROM COMFORTABLE, BIOCOMPATIBLE MATERIALS – Biocompatible silicone ensures a tight, comfortable seal with your face. An adjustable strap system makes our respirator comfortable for extended wear.
  • TOUCHLESS FILTER REPLACEMENT – Our innovative filter frame is made from patented mechanism for touchless filter removal. The respirator is dishwasher safe and can be sterilized in boiling water for extra security.

If you are saving on surgical masks during the COVID-19 pandemic, this might be a brilliant product. However, do note that since it is covering the full nose and mouse with silicone, it is airtight which means you will have more protection and might have more difficulty to breath with it.

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For those who are into Techwear, I am sure you can use this black Gill Face Mask as a fashion accessory.

Click Here to Check Out Darth Gill Face Mask

I have pre-ordered mine. I will share with everyone on my YouTube Channel once it arrives.