Review: Should You Buy Sudio FEM True Wireless Earbuds?

Thanks to Sudio, I was provided the Sudio FEM True Wireless Earbuds in black color for review. And thanks to Chinese New Year, it was packaged in a CNY that comes with bright red gift packaging and a cross body pouch.

For those who are dying to get their hands on it, I will cut the chase. The usual RRP is S$219. If you purchase now with the code: TECHIELOBANG, you will get a 15% discount (i.e. S$186.15).

And if you buy any 2 earphones, you can get 25% off  (15% from code + additional 10%).

The Sudio FEM comes in 4 colors: PINK, BLACK, WHITE, CLASSIC BLUE


Note that this promotion is from now till 14-Feb-2020.

Check out the unboxing, pairing and earbud change of the Sudio FEM True Wireless earbuds.

What’s in the Box

Here is the full package.

A close look at the cross body pouch.

Here is the back of the pouch.

This is the packaging of the Sudio FEM.

It comes with earbuds in various sizes.

The Sudio FEM is charged using the USB-C cable via the storage casing.

This is how big the casing is.

More looks on the casing and the Sudio FEM earbuds.

It is good that the Left and Right labels are big and clear.

In my opinion, the Sudio FEM earbuds are a little big.

Here is how it looks when I wear it. Not bad actually.


  • PLAY TIME: Up to 20h total
  • MUSIC/TALKING TIME: Up to 6 hours at 50% volume
  • SWEAT RESISTANT: For daily use
  • RANGE: 10m
  • BLUETOOTH VERSION: 5.0, class II
  • WARRANTY: 1 year
  • SUPPORTS: SBC, AAc, HFP 1.7, HSP 1.2, A2DP 1.3, AVRCP 1.6, SPP 1.2
  • QUICK-CHARGE TIME: 15 minutes for 1 hour listening
  • CHARGING TIME: 90 minutes
  • CHARGING TYPE: 5V, 50mAh (earphone) rechargeable lithium-polymer battery.
  • OPERATING TEMPERATURE: 10 – 40 Deg Celcius
  • CHARGING CASE: 500mAh (case) rechargeable lithium-polymer battery.
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The Sudio FEM is very easy to use. When using it for the first time, you just need to remove them from the storage and they will be in the pairing mode. Just open up the Bluetooth menu on your smartphone and you should be able to identify them as “Sudio Fem”. Click on them and it will connect automatically.

Next time, when they take them out from the storage, it will automatically connect to the phone. The connection speed is quite fast (I did not time it). You can use it as a single earpiece or as a pair.

There is NO app for the Sudio FEM. You can control it via a touch button on each earbud.

And the control method is very simple.

There is no way to adjust the treble or bass of this earpiece. Fortunately, the sound is quite decent. It has a nice treble although I wish the bass could be a little stronger. The music through these earbuds is surprisingly clean.

As this is a pair of in-ear earpiece, it means that you are cut off from the outside sound. When walking on the road, you will need to be alert of your surroundings. I really wish it has transparency mode so that I can wear them all day without worrying.

And because it is a pair of in-ear earbuds, it also means that sound leakage is minimum. My advice is that you choose the correct size earbuds to reduce sound leakage.

In terms of battery, I have not tried it long enough to provide a truthful actual usage pattern.

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At a price point of S$219, it is not the cheapest. The fitting is good and surprisingly comfortable. The casing and the Sudio FEM could be smaller.

However, the volume needs to be improved. I have to always turn it to maximum volume for decent listening. For other earbuds that I tried, I don’t see the need to max out the volume.

And there is no indication that it is at its maximum volume. The phone volume and the earbud volume are separated.

Despite some “complains”, overall, I am pleased with the quality of the product.

Thank you Sudio for sending over the review set. For those who wish to purchase it, please use my code for a 15% discount (RRP: SGD219, after discount: SGD186.15)

15% Discount Code: TECHIELOBANG

Please share with anyone who needs this. Thanks.