giga! Provides 25GB for S$25 and Rollover Your Data

I have been waiting for the official announcement. Congrats to giga, Singapore’s latest fully-digital mobile service on their official launch. Welcome to data rollover, a first for a Singapore telco.

If you have not heard about giga, you are not alone. giga is a sub-brand from StarHub. At the moment, it has a very lean team. However, what it does is direct communication with customers via their giga app.

Everything can be done from the app. From porting a number, making payment, appointment or just talking to their support (via an AI-enabled chatbot called Gino).

If you are one that does not like to interact with customer service officers, I guess giga is one good option.

As mentioned earlier, one of the features that you don’t get with any telcos (in Singapore) yet, is the roll-over feature. If you cannot finish your data, you can roll-over the data to the next two cycles (month). This is great news for anyone with left-over data (like me).

Check out their intro video

Read the below (copied mostly from their PR information) on giga.

giga plan

25GB Plan

giga’s contract-free 25GB plan at $25 comes with:

  • 1000 minutes, 1000 SMSes
  • Free rock ‘n’ rollover data *
  • Free caller number display
  • Free incoming calls and SMS

*giga is the only telco in Singapore to offer this unique data rollover feature:

  • Rock ‘n’ rollover data enables customers to roll over unused data from their giga plan for another 2 renewal cycles, capped at 25GB at any point in time. (Data from Jetset giga roaming pass and lifestyle packs will not be rolled over)
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Jetset giga pass (data roaming pass)

  • Roaming data at 1GB for $5, valid for 5 days when customers reach their travel destination
  • Customers can surf seamlessly across any network in 14 countries: Australia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Macau, Malaysia, Myanmar, New Zealand, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.
  • giga provides customers with the convenience of purchasing their Jetset giga pass anytime up to 3 months before travelling. When they reach their travel destination, Jetset giga will be automatically activated and valid for 5 days.

Lifestyle Packs

  • Data pack: Local data at 1GB for $2
  • Insta ‘n’ FB pack: Local data for Instagram and Facebook usage only, at 1GB for $1
  • WhatsApp pack: Local data for WhatsApp usage only, at 1GB for $1

Launch Offer

From now till 18th June 2019, customers can enjoy the 1st month subscription free.

App, Plan and Service Feature

App Features

  1. The giga app is free-rated for use in Singapore and the 14 supported roaming countries – use of the app will not draw down data from customers’ price plan, roaming pass or data packs
  2. Real-time delivery tracking, and rescheduling support in-app
  3. Real-time tracking of local and roaming data usage in-app
  4. Smart number selection – key in favourite numbers and select from an available list
  5. In-app personalisation features
    1. Nickname – create a different nickname for each line registered
    2. Avatar on dashboard – select a different avatar for each line, with 8 giga characters to choose from
    3. Set separate usage alerts for local and roaming data usage – never run out of data without notice
    4. Flexibility to pay for each line using a different credit/debit card
  6. In-app communications
  7. Single sign-on to access giga app and website
  8. Auto-fill feature for ease of entering information
  9. One click to share giga app with friends
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Plan and Service Features

  1. Service activation period starts only after customer has received and activated their giga SIM (instead of activated the moment it is purchased)
  2. Rock ‘n’ rollover data – roll over unused local data from the giga plan for another 2 renewal cycles, capped at 25GB at any point in time.
  3. Jetset giga pass
    • Purchase anytime up to 3 months before travelling
    • Jetset giga is automatically activated and valid for 5 days when customers reach their travel destination (rather than activated the moment it is purchased) – customers do not waste time or money spent on the pass
    • Stack up to 5 passes at one go (all passes will be activated together and expire on the same date). Or choose to purchase the next pass when one runs out
    • If a 2nd pass is purchased at a later date before the 1st pass has expired or run out, it will stretch out the validity of any unused roaming data from the 1st pass

Here is more information about giga

About giga!

Who is giga?

giga is the new fully-digital mobile service created to provide consumers with a better, simpler, more intuitive mobile experience; from products, features, payment modes, delivery tracking, digital engagement to customer service.

giga & StarHub

giga is an independent sub brand set up by StarHub to serve the needs of customers looking for a purely digital mobile experience.

When was giga launched?

giga’s services were made available for public purchase, and the app was made available for download in App Store and Google Play Store since 18th May 2019.

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How long did it take to set up giga?

giga was set up by a core team of 7, supported by an extended 7-member IT team, within a span of 6 months – from inception, product and customer journey design, systems development, to launch.

How big is the giga team?

The extended giga team comprises of:

  • 5-member business team – managing product development, digital customer app/web journey, customer experience, marketing and communications, sales, distribution and logistics, business commercials and analytics, and customer care.
  • 9-member technical team – managing technical architecture design, systems development and maintenance, information technology (IT) advancements, and operational IT requirements.

Let me know if you have any questions about giga. If I cannot answer, I will get the PR to get the response.