Google Suspends Some Businesses with Huawei Including Android Support

This is like waking up to a bad dream except that it is happening. I am talking about Huawei’s future with Google. News from around the world is streaming in saying that Google will halt some businesses with Huawei that “requires the transfer of hardware, software and technical services“. In short, it includes support to Android OS on Huawei’s phones.

What does it mean?

It means that with immediate effect, any Android software or security updates from Google will be halted on Huawei’s phones. Your Huawei phone will no longer get any OS updates or support from Google.

This is really something that many did not anticipate even though President Donald Trump initiated the ban on Chinese companies, specifically pointing towards Huawei, doing businesses with American companies.

Although we know that Huawei has been anticipating this news for some time already, it is really mind-blowing to hear it officially (almost).

Huawei, in the past, has declared that they will have their own OS in a worst-case scenario. I think this is the time now.

It is not as simple as a new OS. The Android eco-system is there for such a long time. If a new OS is to be developed, it has to start from scratch and all popular apps will have to be ported to the new OS and tested again with limited users.

I wonder how China will react to this news. As this news is developing, I will continue to update.