HUAWEI P30 Pro Dual-view is Finally Here

Do you remember the dual-view feature shown on the HUAWEI P30 Pro promotion video when it was launched? It was not available during launch time and finally, after an update on the firmware, the dual-view feature is here.

I have been waiting for this feature for the longest time. Finally, with the latest update on the EMUI to, the feature appears in the camera app.

Here is a short video I made on the Dual-view feature. Check it out.

I love it that when one is in wide-angle mode and the other is in Zoom mode, you can shift the camera slightly without seeing big changes through the wide-angle camera but on the zoom camera, it actually shifted a lot.

One thing to take note is that when using Dual-view mode, the aspect ratio is NOT 16:9, it is in Full View Mode (or full-screen mode of 19:5.9 ratio).

And another thing to take note is that the left side is the zoom screen at 2 times zoom (cannot reduce) and can zoom up to 15 times.

Let me know what you think in the comment below. Enjoy, for those who have the HUAWEI P30 Pro and updated to the latest software.