BetterAir launches Air Purifiers with Probiotics in Singapore

BetterAir launches 3 air purifiers in Singapore. All of them contain Enviro-Biotics, environmental probiotics.

BetterAir’s Biotica800 cleans an area of up to 800 square metres, now exclusively retailing at all COURTS stores and COURTS online

If you know yoghurt and Kombucha, you might already know what is probiotics. BetterAir’s environmental probiotics “deplete the resources that allergens, pathogens and mould require to thrive, reducing them and eliminating and preventing bad odours due to microbial contamination.”

I have not seen or use this product yet. One of the features of these products is Probiotics. However, it also means that you have to replenishment the
cartridge once it is used up (running cost).

Here are some interesting facts from BetterAir

BetterAir in Numbers

Indoor Air Pollution

  • 5x – indoor air is 5x more polluted than outdoor air (Source)
  • 90% – an average person spends 90% of life indoors (Source)
  • 85% of asthmatic patients in Singapore are allergic to dust mites (Source)
  • 1% – how much worker productivity declines with corresponding increase in air pollution (Source)

Surface Contamination

  • 2,000 – types of microbes in household air (Source)
  • 80% of infectious diseases are transmitted via touch (Source)
  • 400x more bacteria than a toilet seat – desks (Source)
  • 500x more – telephones (Source)
  • 4,000x more – carpets (Source)
  • 200,000x more – sponges (Source)

Sterilisation Does Not Equal Clean

  • 90% of good bacteria is killed by products that aim to completely sterilise the environment (Source)

Check the Press Release below for more information on pricing and usage.

Press Release


Brings the world’s first Ecological Balancing System to Asia for the first time, naturally purifying and cleaning indoor air, surfaces and objects in homes, offices, schools

Singapore, 17 January 2019– COURTS Singapore today unveiled the BetterAir range of three air purifier products, marking the first time consumers anywhere in the world can get hands on with these unique products within a retail space. The partnership between COURTS Singapore and BetterAir, global biotechnology company, also brings the company’s Enviro-Biotics™ line of probiotics systems to Singaporeans for the first time.

The product range, headed by its signature Biotica800 (S$499), a compact plug-and-play portable unit with up to 800 square feet coverage, works simply – they release Enviro-Biotics™, environmental probiotics, into the air which are carried by air flow throughout the indoor space. The Enviro-Biotics™ improve indoor air quality and prolong the cleanliness of indoor surfaces, by landing on hard and soft surfaces and consuming resources available to harmful bacteria including dust mite excrement, pollen, pet dander and shed skin cells. The products are 100% chemical free and organic, safe for humans and animals, and also count bad odour management and mould reduction amongst its benefits. Biotica800 measures just 25cm by 11cm and can sit easily within any home setting, providing coverage for the equivalent of approximately a four-room HDB apartment. The Biotica800 comes with cartridge refills, to be replaced when empty or approximately every three months, available at S$59.

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The BetterAir product line also includes the BioLogic Purifier (S$299), a USB-powered portable unit suited to smaller personal environments such as cars or work cubicles, also coming with cartridge refills (S$59) recommended to be replaced when empty or approximately every three months, as well as the Travel Spray (S$19.90), a handheld 75ml spray bottle application suited for on-the-go use, whether on the daily commute or for in-flight travel.

The BetterAir range pioneers a way to introduce probiotics, the good bacteria that live in our systems and are found in Greek yoghurt and Kombucha, into the environment and bring balance to indoor living and work places. Conventional purification indiscriminately kill all bacteria – harmful and beneficial alike – causing an imbalanced, sterile environment in which pathogens have the capacity to dominate the environment. Alternatively, BetterAir’s environmental probiotics deplete the resources that allergens, pathogens and mould require to thrive, reducing them and eliminating and preventing bad odours due to microbial contamination. The range is intended to benefit the millions of people around the world who suffer from indoor allergies caused by poor air ventilation, chemical cleaning and indoor irritants such as dust mites, pollen and pet dander, including families with children and pets, frequent travellers and homeowners and office workers who want to provide better air within their respective living and working spaces.

FeatureBetterAir Biotica800Existing Air PurifiersOn The Market
Technology100% Organic ProbioticHEPA / Activated Carbon
Replenishes BiomeYesNo
Treats air & surfacesYesNo
Balances good & bad bacteriaYesNo
Penetrates upholstery & beddingYesNo

Shared Ms Taly Dery, President of BetterAir International: “Clean air indoors, where we spend over 90% of our time, is by far the most important commodity in our lives. Our indoor air quality is up to 100 times more polluted than outdoor air, with staggering effects for our health. According to the World Health Organisation, one in three people suffer from allergies, while one in nine suffer from asthma. One in eight deaths globally is attributed to air pollution. Yet the air that we breathe is only as clean as the surfaces within it. Far more allergens accumulate in and on surfaces like rugs, furniture and countertops, than simply float in the air. 80% of infectious diseases are transmitted by touch, either by touching an infected person or surface. Therefore, cleaning is an important step in controlling allergy and asthma triggers. BetterAir is revolutionising the way we clean our air, objects and surfaces by nurturing, and not destroying, the natural balance of bacteria in our indoor ecosystem.”

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Shared Mr Amir Yaar, CEO of BetterAir Southeast Asia: “With this launch, BetterAir brings Israeli innovation into the Singapore market and consumers’ homes. The relations and synergy between Singapore and Israel are rooted upon a history of great collaboration. There is social and environmental importance to the technological cooperation and synergy between Singapore and Israel, and Singapore is a good base to launch and assimilate environment-bettering technologies in the region. BetterAir is proud to be part of this movement, and we at BetterAir are honoured to partner with COURTS Singapore to introduce a revolutionary technology that could improve the lives and wellbeing of millions globally.”

Shared Ambassador Simona Halperin, Ambassador of Israel to Singapore: “With 2019 marking 50 years of diplomatic relations between Israel and Singapore, two small nations with many shared values, we continue to build on our relations in the areas of technology, business and trade. Today, many disruptive innovations are emerging from Israel that are aimed at bettering our world through improving the safety and quality of our air, water, food and natural resources, and BetterAir is one of them. The launch of BetterAir is a testament to the business community’s confidence in Singapore as a regional business hub. We look forward to continuing building partnerships and ties with Singapore to realise our collective vision of a cleaner, better world environment for all.”

Shared Mr Ben Tan, Country CEO of COURTS Singapore: “As a one-stop retailer of home gadgets and products, we at COURTS believe that the latest technology innovations should go hand in hand with serving the well-being and needs of today’s modern families. We’re honoured to partner BetterAir to bring to Singapore the world’s first probiotic air and surface purifier, especially amid growing awareness of asthma and other illnesses being linked to environmental factors such as indoor pollution and mould. With a product concept at our flagship Tampines Megastore, and stock availability across our 14 stores and online, we welcome our customers to experience better living through this unique line of products at our store touchpoints.”

All three products are retailing at all COURTS stores and online (, and customers can get hands on with the products in a home setting over at COURTS Megastore in Tampines. All products come with a one-year limited warranty covering defects.

About BetterAir International

Founded in 2010, BetterAir is the inventor and leader of BetterAir Enviro-Biotics™ – Natural Environmental Probiotics, providing the only comprehensive solution that protects our indoor air, surfaces & objects. A direct and immediate result of treating indoor air with Enviro-Biotics™ is enhanced quality of life and wellbeing, achieved by a substantial reduction of microbial contaminations such as bacterial, mould, allergens and more.

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BetterAir provides a full range of Ecological Balancing Systems catering to both small spaces as well as large facilities such as entire office buildings, hospitals and malls. BetterAir also caters to the mobile markets, including trains, airplanes and buses, where the restoration and preservation of a natural balance of our ecosystem can protect a mass transportation crowd that is highly susceptible to the risks of pathogenic outbreaks.

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About COURTS Asia Limited (Bloomberg Stock Code: COURTS SP)

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With its roots as a furniture retailer from the UK, the COURTS brand was established in Singapore and Malaysia in 1974 and 1987 respectively, and it entered Indonesia in 2014. Today, COURTS is a leading retailer in Southeast Asia and has expanded its range to include electrical, IT and furniture products, introducing various store concepts such as Market Hall, Design Studio and GURU by COURTS. Constantly innovating to improve the shopping experience, the retailer continuously refreshes its stores to optimise the format, layout and merchandise mix.

In line with COURTS’ mission to ‘make aspirational home products easily affordable’, the retailer abides by the COURTS Price Promise and is committed to offering competitive prices across its product range. In addition, COURTS Flexi-Scheme, its in-house credit, is available as one of the payment options.

Currently, COURTS operates more than 80 stores across three markets, spanning over 1.5 million sq. ft. of retail space. This includes the first Megastore pioneered in Singapore in 2006 as part of the Economic Development Board’s ‘Warehouse Retail Scheme’ to convert industrial land for commercial use. 

In Indonesia, COURTS opened its first Megastore in Kota Harapan Indah, Bekasi in October 2014, and its second Megastore in BSD City, Tangerang in January 2016.

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