Free Trial for Sonos Beam with Sonos-On-Demand

Now, consumers can “review” the latest Sonos Beam with the Sonos-On-Demand service. By placing a refundable deposit of S$99, you can get a trial unit to test. After the trial period (15 days), you can decide to buy it or to return it (with full refund of your deposit).

This, in my opinion, is a win-win situation where consumers can decide after testing the actual product and Sonos can reach out their products to more people.

Click Here to Check Out Sonos-On-Demand

Check out the Press Release for more details. BTW, from now till 18th December, you will receive S$50 discount if you wish to purchase the Sonos Beam (RRP: S$699) after the trial.

Press Release


Revolutionising the in-home entertainment experience for an on-demand generation

19 November 2018 – TC Acoustic has today announced the launch of Sonos-On-Demand, a unique online service that offers music lovers and their families a fifteen-day free trial1 of the new game-changing smart speaker Sonos Beam (RRP S$699). Consumers can simply place a refundable deposit of S$99 for the Sonos Beam at South-east Asia’s leading e-commerce platform Lazada via this link, with the option of completing or cancelling the purchase fifteen days from the date of delivery. Those who wish to complete the purchase following the trial period will receive a $50 discount. The service is available for a limited time only, from 19 November 2018 to 18 December 2018.

Marching to the Beat of an On-Demand Generation

Catering to a new generation of tech savvy consumers who are used to on-demand services such as Netflix and Spotify, Sonos-On-Demand is a creative way to provide the same kind of convenience and access, allowing them to test and buy a music system at a touch of a button, without ever setting foot out of the house.

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Sonos Makes it Home

Based on a study that surveyed 30,000 people across the world, Sonos discovered that when music is played out loud in the house, it transforms relationships. Families are 25% more inspired, have 50% more hang-out time, and say “I love you” 18% more. Truly, Sonos makes it home.

Sonos-On-Demand aspires to deliver this promise right to the doorsteps of homeowners, quite literally. The aim is to usher them into their first foray of filling their homes with music and what it can do for them – more warmth, love, bonding, creativity, conversations and connections – and enable them to create the best sonic culture and atmosphere in their own homes.

Delivering a rich, in-home sound experience, the Sonos Beam is designed for the unparalleled listening of virtually any streaming content, from movies and TV shows to music and podcasts. Touted as the world’s most versatile smart speaker, the Sonos Beam supports over 80 music services, multiple voice assistants and Apple AirPlay 2.

“As technology continues to push the boundaries of how we live, work and play; a seamless customer journey means ensuring that consumers get what they want, when they want it. Through Sonos-On-Demand we’re giving our consumers complete control to create the perfect listening environment, whenever the desire takes hold”, said Christian Honegger, Chief Executive Officer of TC Acoustic, the official distributor of Sonos in Singapore.

– End –

About Sonos

Sonos is the leading multi-room wireless smart home sound system. As the inventor of multi-room wireless home audio, Sonos innovation helps the world listen better by giving people access to the content they love and allowing them to control it however they choose. Known for delivering an unparalleled music listening experience, thoughtful home design aesthetic, simplicity of use and an open platform, Sonos makes the breadth of sonic content available to anyone. Sonos is headquartered in Santa Barbara, California. Learn more at

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About TC Acoustic

The exclusive regional distributor for Sonos and Klipsch, TC Acoustic has been the leading player in audio distribution since 1966. It underwent a change of management and strategic restructuring in 2010 and has since become one of the fastest-growing and highly innovative lifestyle technology distributors in Singapore and rest of Asia. Currently TC Acoustic has close to 500 distribution points across the region. Under its new management, its key brands have also garnered several awards from major tech media. Learn more at

1 Terms and Conditions
  • By signing up for the Sonos On Demand, Customer is entitled to a 15-day trial on Sonos Beam only. The trial will begin on the same day you receive the Sonos Beam.
  • Every household and customer is entitled to one trial only.
  • Customers will receive at least one reminder before the trial period ends.