Lamch & Co Launches Secrid Autumn/Winter 2018 Collection

I always love the products at Antė stores. Now, they have brought in the Secrid Autumn/Winter 2018 Collection. Secrid’s products can help to prevent RFID cards (credit, bank cards) being scanned and skimmed from a distance away, preventing your personal data/money from being “stolen”.

Would you like a giveaway on these products? I will be checking out with them on the collaboration. Stay tuned.

In the meanwhile, check out the Press Release.

Press Release


Lamch & Co launches Secrid Autumn/Winter 2018 Collection

(Singapore, September 2018) Designed and crafted in Holland, industrial design and fashion come together in this pocket-sized essential. Established in 2009, the award-winning label, Secrid has since sold close to five million Cardprotectors. The pocket-sized revolution was designed with the ubiquity of contactless transaction of information in mind.

The latest generation of bank, travel and ID cards is equipped with RFID (radio-frequency identification) chips and antennas to enable wireless communication. The convenience does not come without risks. RFID cards can be scanned and skimmed from considerable distances, making theft of personal data and money tougher to notice and trace.

The Secrid Cardprotector

The Secrid Cardprotector keeps your valuable data a secret by protecting your cards against involuntary wireless connections. When RFID cards are placed completely inside the Cardprotector, wireless communication is blocked and the cards are fully protected. When the cards are slid out 30 mm, their wireless signal is weak, but sufficient for communication over a short distance. This way your privacy remains secured in the best possible way.

The aluminum Cardprotector features a patented sliding system that gives access to the cards you use most with one simple click. Aside from protecting your cards from personal data theft, the lightweight anodised aluminum Cardprotector holds up to six cards and protects against bending and breaking. Its revolutionary design won the Red Dot Design Award. This Autumn/Winter 2018, ultrathin lines are engraved into the aluminum Cardprotecter via a nanolaser. This exclusive series of six Cardprotectors is available for one season only.

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The Secrid Wallet

The Cardprotector is at the heart of every Secrid wallet. The beauty of its modular design lies in the ability to create a wallet perfectly suited for your needs with build-on options including the Moneyband, Slide as well as leather wallets that comes in Mini, Slim and Twin variations.

The Moneyband is designed for holding banknotes and receipts. Made of colourful elastic and stainless steel, the rubber detail on the inside keeps everything firmly in place. Alternatively, the Moneyband can join two Cardprotectors together, with extra space for some notes or business cards in between.

The Cardslide consists of a Cardprotector and a Slide, held together by a Moneyband. The Slide provides extra space for business cards, bank notes and any smaller personal goods such as a photo, SD card or key. Made of high-quality polycarbonate – as used in bulletproof glass – with slimline touches of stainless steel, it provides optimal protection for your belongings.
For more room for cards, banknotes, business cards and receipts, the iconic Miniwallet is compact in size and surprisingly large in storage capacity, carrying up to 10 cards; the Slimwallet carries more, up to 12 cards, with a wider cut while retaining a slim silhouette which fits easily into a front or breast pocket; the spacious Twinwallet contains two Cardprotectors that holds double the content and carries up to 16 cards while maintaining its petite size. The leather wallets are available in a variety of leather, finishing, colours and design. This season, the Linea, an innovative checked pattern inspired by increased interest in the British culture owing to the Brexit, embroidery of a symbol of opulence, the Magnolia which matches perfectly with the seasonal-edition laser cut Cardprotector designs.

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The Secrid Dutch Martin leather

Martin Antheunisse, a Dutch craftsman who specialises in leather finishing with over 30 years of experience has developed a new type of leather for Secrid: Dutch Martin. Leather with a characteristic appearance and feel, developed and produced exclusively in the Netherlands. The coating is transparent and natural due to the use of wax, oil and grease. The hard carnauba wax makes the leather scratch-resistant and water-repellent. This gives it a natural gloss that deepens over time.

A better world starts in your pocket

By developing a revolutionarily different product and production process, Secrid had revived the leather industry in the Netherlands. Wallets are once again being produced on a large scale in the Netherlands, from the sewing workshop in Vlaardingen, to one of the last tanneries in the Netherlands and to the social enterprise in Leiden.

Producing in favourable conditions and with due care for the environment, Secrid has already created more than 300 jobs in the Netherlands including close to 100 people at social enterprises in Leiden, Delft and Haarlem.

After all the various components have been assembled, every wallet receives its unique serial number as proof of authenticity. Engraved on the inside of the Cardprotector, this code represents the personal history of each wallet. Once the new owner decides to register the wallet at, the code is also connected to its user. Registering the product grants a proof of authenticity and a third year of warranty.

Positioned at the intersection between fashion and design, Secrid was presented at the Salone Del Mobile – the world’s most renowned design fair in Milan as well as the top fashion fairs: from Seek in Berlin to Liberty in New York. The highly unique, design focused and practical wallet is now carried in over 5,000 selected stores worldwide including Antė @Tangs Plaza and Antė @Takashimaya. The Autumn/Winter 2018 collection is now available and retails between $59 to $199.

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Antė stores are located at:

  • Antė @Tangs Plaza | Lvl 3, 310 Orchard Road, Singapore 238864
  • Antė @Takashimaya | Lvl 3, 391 Orchard Road, Singapore 238873


The retail arm of distribution label Lamch & Co, Ante is a purveyor of nifty gadgets, techcessories and fashion accessories by international cult brands.
Lamch & Co has forged partnerships with a multitude of international brands like Buddha to Buddha, D1 Milano, Fuse Chicken, IZIPIZI, klokers, Marcelo Burlon, Mujjo, Nomad, Secrid, etc. Lamch & Co continues to invest in building new brands and exciting products, making it one of the most dynamic and vibrant distribution companies in Asia.