iPhone XS, XS Plus and XC with Speculated Pricing Leaked

Thanks to SlashLeaks, who happens to get their hand on a picture of a slide (supposedly from China Mobile), we now have more information on the new iPhones that will be announced on the 12th September event.

And thankfully, I can read Chinese words and I can understand the information in the slide.

Basically, those in RED are important and those with bigger fonts are speculation.

For example, in the slide, it states:

  • New iPhones will be announced on the 12th September.
  • New iPhones target to be on sale from 21st September.
  • The new iPhones will be iPhone XS Plus (6.5-inch), iPhone XS (5.8-inch) and iPhone XC (6.1-inch).
  • Color and storage of these iPhones are unknown yet.
  • And the high-end models (XS and XS Plus) might have dual SIM and the lower end model (XC) might have one SIM card and will be available one month after the high-end model. For 4G+ model, it will be 3 months later.
  • Speculated pricing of the new iPhones: iPhone XS (RMB 7,388 or S$1,488), iPhone XC (RMB 5,888 or S$1,186) and iPhone XS Plus (RMB 8,388 or S$1,690)

As usual, take this news with a pinch of salt. Not sure if any of the above information is true or not. We have just a few days to know the answer.