IGTV is Launched, Vertical Video is Here to Stay

If you have been following the social media these days, you might have noticed the DAY saga or the news that Instagram has officially launched the IGTV (Instagram TV), especially for consumption on the mobile.

IGTV is like YouTube but in 9:16 format (vertical). Some might hate this idea but it seems more natural to watch a vertical video on mobile. Don’t you think so?

So, we already have Instagram Stories (or IG Stories). What are the differences on IGTV. This is a list that I come out with based on my usage on IGTV and IG Stories, plus information from the Internet.

IGTV can take videos longer than 1 minute. On their Instagram blog, it states 1 hour.

IGTV is NOT an IG Stories replacement. IG Stories is still around. You still get to put stickers, location and etc on your video but they will “disappear” in 24 hours.

IGTV cannot take live video yet. All videos are uploaded to IGTV and video must be in vertical format.

IGTV does not have stickers, location and etc. If you want to decorate your video with stickers or text, IGTV does not have this option. Go back to IG Stories.

IGTV will stay after 24 hours. IGTV is like YouTube. You upload a video, it will be on your channel. Your followers will be able to see your channel.

Better video quality upload. IGTV uploads better quality video. That also means it takes a longer time to upload one video and it might just “eat” away your mobile data (if you are not on WiFi).

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You cannot monetize IGTV (yet). If you want to earn some money from IGTV via advertising on the videos, it is not available. However, I do think that there are potentials to go in this direction to attract more creators and provide incentives for them.

There might be more. These are just the basic differences or features of the IGTV. Maybe you want to watch your first IGTV. Check out the launch event.

Click Here to Watch IGTV Launch Video

or you can go to Instagram. Search for Instagram (official account). Go to IGTV and search for the 17 minutes video of the launch event.

How to access IGTV (Android)

  • Go to Instagram app and go to “HOME”
  • You will be able to see the IGTV icon on the top right corner (just next to the Direct Message icon).
  • Click on it and enjoy IGTV.

Are you ready for vertical video?