Trump Kim Summit, the North Korean Perspective (video)

If you have been following the #trumpkimsummit, you might have overdosed on comments, postings about the event on your social media feed (including this one). However, I am sure, not many of us have seen the perspective from the North Korean side.

I guess you might have seen the cameramen from North Korea running around their Chairman Kim Jong-un but have not seen the footage.

Glad that South Korea’s SBS News has gotten the video and posted it up. Check out this 42 minutes video about Kim Jong-un, North Korea, Singapore, Trump and the Summit.

Happy to see Singapore being highlighted (postively) so many times in the video. I don’t know Korea language but thanks to YouTube auto-translation, I can understand bits and pieces of it. Some translations are hilarious. There is mention of Girls-Generation, dementia and etc. Check it out.

How to watch with English (or another language) subtitles

  • Click on “CC” on YouTube video to turn on translation.
  • Click on “Settings” and you can see Subtitles/CC. 
  • Click on “Subtitles/CC” and click on “Auto-translate”.
  • Select your preferred language.

BTW, did you know that Trump has shown an action movie style video to Kim? Check it out too. It is only 4 minutes.

I think that will conclude my final post on this Trump Kim Summit.


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