Get Premium Phones from S$35 with Singtel Mobile Leasing Plans

Now you can lease a premium handset at a very affordable price, thanks to Singtel latest mobile leasing plan for Singtel customers. Singaporean, Permanent Resident and Employment Pass Holder who is an existing Singtel postpaid mobile plan or Fibre Broadband customer for a minimum of 6 months and good credit standing are eligible for this plan.

Here are the handsets available for leasing.

Do note that phones on leasing plan are NOT owned by you. You will have to return them after the contract. And if you want to upgrade to a new phone after 12 months, you will have to pay S$200.

Click Here to Singtel Mobile Leasing Plans

Below is a breakdown of the cost and savings using the Singtel Mobile Leasing Plans.

Check out the news release for more information.

News Release

Singtel launches Singapore’s first mobile leasing plans

Affordable plans offer customers freedom to upgrade handsets more often

Singapore, 7 June, 2018 – Singtel today launched Singapore’s first mobile leasing plans, designed to make premium handsets more affordable to customers.

Customers on SIM Only plans have the option of paying a small monthly fee for the use of premium handsets from Apple and Samsung instead of purchasing them upfront. They can lease the latest Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phone models for 24 months, with the option to upgrade their handset in the 12th month by paying a S$200 fee.

With prices starting as low as S$35 per month for a Samsung Galaxy S9 (64GB) for example, customers can save up to S$578 off the regular retail price if they choose to lease the handset for a year or S$358 if they opt to keep it for two years.

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“With so much time spent on their smartphones, our customers naturally want the latest and best technology that new handsets have to offer. They can now enjoy an enhanced mobile experience when they stream their favourite shows or play online games,” said Mr Yuen Kuan Moon, Chief Executive Officer for Consumer Singapore at Singtel. “Our mobile leasing plans allow customers to take advantage of the flexibility of our SIM Only plans and give them the option to lease a smartphone at an affordable monthly rate.”

Customers can visit for more details and sign up at Singtel Retail Shops across the island.