Segway Robot Loomo Coming Soon

I have been monitoring this Loomo robot from Segway Robotics for some time already. Finally, received the information that a consumer version will be available soon.

If you have seen Ninebot Plus, this is Loomo robot is the robotic version of it (IMHO). Currently, available only with Academy/Entrprise/Go version.

Based on the information, a consumer version will be revealed soon. I guess you can see it at CES 2018 (next week).

I am really hoping that the consumer version has a price point that is not “shocking”. I am now wondering if Segway will release it to the Asia market or not.

As of now, I could not find any image or video on the consumer version. Here is the teaser for the consumer version.

Check out this Academy/Enterprise version below.

If you remember, the robot version of Segway Robot was unveiled in CES 2016. It has 3D camera to sense the area and arms can be attached to it for various functions.

2-years on, the shape has changed a little and hopefully, it performs better now. Check out the features of this consumer Loomo.

  • Intel RealSense camera enables depth-sensing, face recognition and person tracking.
  • Microphone array allows you to send voice commands to Loomo from anywhere in the room.
  • Simultaneous Localization and Mapping powers indoor/outdoor localization and tracking.
  • Advanced artificial intelligence algorithm inside, powered by an Intel Atom processor.
  • Self-balancing base assembly provides fun riding experience and up to 100KG(200lbs) payload.
  • Android-based SDK provides six powerful services to build skills for Loomo.

If you want to get the latest information, check out their website or subscribe to their mailing list.

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Click Here to Loomo Website