Pay at these 12 Establishments with the Touch of Your Two Fingers

With just your two fingers, you can easily make payment at these 12 establishments. Payments are transacted in seconds, and all the information is digitalized with no paper receipts. Interesting? Check out Touché, the world’s first fully biometric loyalty, and payment platform. More information below.


Here is a better view of the system. I think it looks a little big. The best about this system is that once you are registered, you can use your two fingers to pay at other establishments that uses this system. Super convenient.


Even if you are not interested, check out these 12 establishments. I have been to only a few of them. I think they are very interesting.


12 New Establishments to Adopt World’s First Fully Biometric Loyalty & Payment Solution through Touché

Customers can now pay their bills using just two fingers at another 12 locations in Singapore!

SINGAPORE, 10 APRIL 2017: In his Budget 2017 speech, Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat touched on the need for small- as well as medium-sized enterprises to adopt digital solutions and transform their businesses. Touché’s fully biometric loyalty and payment platform, which is a World’s first, pushes the frontiers of innovation, bringing never-before convenience to customers. Current market solutions require the use of devices for activation; Touché’s platform only requires customer’s two fingers.

Eleven establishments in Singapore have just confirmed the adoption of the solution, while the exclusive club Cé La Vi will be piloting the solution in May 2017 with the view of adopting it in Singapore and beyond to create a unique experience for its members.

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The brands include the following:

  1. Contemporary Melting-Pot & Bar
  2. Coastal Rhythm Café & Bar
  3. Erwin’s Gastrobar
  4. Hornbill Café
  5. Jiu Zhuang
  6. Jubilee Coffee House & Bar
  7. Meyer House
  8. Symmetry
  9. The Coastal Settlement
  10. Unplugged
  11. Xiao Ya Tou
  12. Cé La Vi (under pilot program)

These establishments will be starting the use of Touché for their payment and loyalty programs from May 2017. Customers who have registered with Touché at one location will enjoy the use of Touché at all other locations without the need for any other registrations.

For businesses, Touché’s platform promises increased operational efficiency. Payments can be transacted in just a matter of seconds, and the process is simplified. As all the information is digitalised, there are no paper receipts, a boon for companies that are thinking of going green. The platform adapts to existing technology and process environments, so integration is a cinch.

Also, it can be utilised to create long-term relationships with their customers. Businesses can tailor loyalty programmes and create unique offers for different customers. They can also curate data about their customers’ interests and spending habits, using it to design a bespoke experience for them.

³Touché is an important platform that we intend to use not only to save resources through simplified payment processes, but also to allow us to easily implement our loyalty program and retain our customers, which is key in the current competitive F&B landscape.² ­ Erwin’s Gastobar

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³The Urban Group and Touché collaboration brings a collection of experiences with a distinct identity for each guests offering a unique and lasting impression.² ­ Urban Group

Touché is looking to strike up more collaborations in 2017, and targets to bring its cutting-edge solution to more restaurants, bars and clubs.

Secure, fast and convenient

Made in Singapore, the hardware of Touché is an elegant rectangular device that is certified and capable of multiple payment options including a magnetic stripe reader, chip reader, and 2.2-inch (diagonal measurement) biometric sensor with one of the highest resolutions in the market to detect two fingers for efficient payments. Customers can choose to pay with just two fingers after a simple registration, but they may also choose to pay with their physical credit cards. The device works over a Wi-Fi or 3G connection.

The platform scans any two of a customer’s fingers to extract around 40 to 45 specific points of each fingerprint. It does not store images of the fingerprints. The information is hashed and encrypted on a cloud system. It is impossible to create a replica of the fingerprints with this information. The anti-spoofing and live detection technology at Touché also ensures that the fingerprints are real. Credit card information is tokenised, and the card details are not stored in the database. No information is stored on the device, and it communicates with the server using the highest encryption levels to protect users’ privacy.