More information on Apple iPhone 5S (video)

It is just a day from the big announcement from Apple. Will we be seeing iPhone 5S and/or iPhone 5C? My bet is we will see both and there will not be a “wow” from the tech industry. Here are some more information to prove that iPhone 5S exist.


The picture above shows a collection of the different models of iPhones that might be announced. On the right is the iPhone 5C. Beside it is the iPhone 5S in Champagne or Gold color and next to it is the iPhone 5S in Graphite. The left unit should be the current iPhone 5. BTW, they are just the chassis (no hardware inside).


In the above picture, it was taken from Hardwarezone. It shows an iPhone 5S model. For the untrained eyes, it might looks the same as others. If you look closely, the first sign that it is different from iPhone 5 is the dual flash (elongated flash unit) and it has a new processor, A7.

From rumors, we already know that iPhone 5S might get a dual flash and it might come in Champagne color. Check this video out. It shows the casing of the alleged iPhone 5S chassis in Champagne color.

And here is another video (from the same source) showing the Graphite chassis.

The only new thing (I hope) for  the new Apple iPhone is that it has a fingerprint scanner as previously rumored. What is your take on the new iPhone? Will you be contented if the new iPhone (iPhone 5S) has:

  • No screen size upgrade
  • Little cosmetic change
  • More colors
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I would love to hear your comments 🙂