Minimalist Protection for Your iPhone with Caudabe

Want to protect your iPhone without spoiling its look with those bulky casing? Check out the Caudabe range of casing that is thin and capable of protecting your iPhone. The range includes The Sheath, The Synthesis, and The Veil XT.


Check out the information on Caudabe range provided to me. Personally, I think that they are affordable and looks good on the iPhone.

The Sheath (RRP: S$35)


The Sheath has received many favourable reviews since it was first launched in the market. At a mere 0.90mm, it maintains the slim profile of the iPhone, while not compromising on the protection of the iPhone.

The Sheath has a soft, matte texture that strikes the balance between great feel and excellent grip.

It is also manufactured with ShockLiteTM technology, a soft, gel-like, flexible polymer with excellent shock absorption. It absorbs impact from everyday drops and tumbles effectively.

While most cases leave a large, unsightly hole for the camera lens and flash. The Sheath is designed such that even the areas around the camera hole and flash are covered, without affecting the photo quality. For the iPhone 7, the Sheath is raised just slightly above the iPhone’s protruding camera, to protect the iPhone’s lens glass and housing.

Edges are wrapped tightly around the iPhone, and a lip extends just above the screen in the unfortunate case of a face-down drop. A thicker reinforced wall around the charging port to reduce wear over time.

The Sheath, available in Gray and Black, retails at $35 at all Antė stores.

The Synthesis


Caudabe proudly proclaims The Synthesis as their “most protective case”. It features a flexible gel-like, shock absorbing perimeter manufactured from ShockLiteTM which transits smoothly to a micro-etched, matte hard shell back. While this ensures that the iPhone is thoroughly protected, it also makes the iPhone easy to grip and hold in the hand. All these in a slim, minimalist design.

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The hard shell back is clear, and it is resistant to fingerprints and scratches. This helps to keep the case in a good condition even after long-time use. There are also raised edges around the perimeter of the screen that protects the phone when it is placed face down. Subtle bumps can be seen on the back 4 corners that raise The Synthesis and the iPhone slightly off the surface to protect the phone from abrasions.

Cut outs are specifically tailored to the dimensions of the iPhone. They are very closely aligned with the Lightning port, headphone jack, and the camera and flash. The button covers are closely knitted, ensuring tactile feedback as responsive as the buttons on the naked iPhone.

The Synthesis, available in Black, Gray and Stealth Black, retails at $45 at all Antė stores.

The Veil XT


Caudabe is bringing The Veil XT to the iPhone 7 series as well.

At just 0.35mm, designed to mimic the form and touch of the naked iPhone, it is one of the thinnest cases you can find on the market. Perfect for the discerning minimalist, and yet ensures full coverage that reduces slipping and scratching.

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus versions of the Veil XT also feature all-new, micro-etched matte surface, resulting in a beautiful finish that provides excellent grip.
No need to worry about the protruding camera, The Veil XT’s got it covered as well!

The Veil XT, available in Frost, WISP, Stealth Black, Rose Gold Metallic and Gold Metallic, retails from $35 at all Antė stores.

Antė stores

Antė stores are located at:
Antė @Tangs Plaza: Lvl 3, 310 Orchard Road, Singapore 238864
Antė @Takashimaya: Lvl 3, 391 Orchard Road, Singapore 238873
Antė @Suntec City Mall: #01-457A, Tower 1, 3 Temasek Blvd, Singapore 038983
Antė @Vivo City: #02-K5 1 Harbourfront Walk, Singapore 098585

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