Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017

It is the time of the year when everyone will be enjoying somewhere to celebrate the end of the year and the beginning of a new one. At the same time, many will take the opportunity to reflect on themselves the hits and misses of the year. Here is the review of TechieLobang in 2016.


It has been a challenging year for TechieLobang in 2016. In you have been with TechieLobang for the past years, you will know that TechieLobang evolved from just a simple blog talking about gadgets to what it is today. There are now more official engagements with brands, media and agencies to review products, attend media events. We are truly blessed to get such good support.

However, as we are very busy in 2016, we have neglected and rejected many requests to attend events, review products and etc. There are also a steady stream of requests to collaborate and advertise with TechieLobang. Again, we have rejected 100% of them. Yes, 100%.

Responsibilities are key to TechieLobang. If you are to advertise with us, we will ensure that we provide the best support. If we cannot, we will not even start. And that is what happens in 2016. If you have contacted us in 2016, I am truly sorry for neglecting your requests.

In 2017…

Moving forward, I have the intention to revamp TechieLobang to be mobile friendly and fresh. Currently, it is not because the formatting in mobile is just horrible. My target is to complete this project by June 2017. If you are a web designer, feel free to approach me (contacts below) and I will see how it can work out. 

In 2017, I will open the doors to paid advertisement and collaboration. Watch out for it. If you feel that TechieLobang fits your targeted audience or objectives, please do approach us in 2017 (

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Here is how you can contact me.

Joe Teh

Founder, TechieLobang

Instagram: joeteh

Snapchat: joeteh

Twitter: joeteh

Facebook: joeteh


More unique content

My target for 2017 will be generating more interesting and unique content. I have recently invested in stabilizers, microphones, 360 camera, a drone and tried out new ways to edit videos. Hopefully, it will be interesting for everyone. Do check out TechieLobang official YouTube channel.

Support for local creators

I have been a supporter for crowd-funding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. I will continue my support for them. If you have not watch, do check out my visit to our very own Singapore inventor on Kickstarter.

To end this, here are my Top 5 consumer gadgets in 2016. They are chosen because they have what I deem as disruptive technologies that will change their competitors’ game plan: –

1. DJI Mavic Pro

When DJI revealed this in early October, it changes the way people look at drones. Previously, we might think that drones are usually bulky, has steep learning curve and not easy to transport.

With Mavic Pro, it totally dismisses these claims and best of all, it retains most, if not all, of the features of a prosumer drone and is so small (foldable) that it is even pocketable. Kudos to DJI for disrupting the drone market.

2. Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

We have been using hair dryer without much thoughts to it until Dyson enters the hair dryer market with Dyson Supersonic. It took Dyson 4 years to R&D and release the product to the market. Using the Dyson super powerful motor and unique design, it definitely disrupted the market.

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Personally, I hear great reviews for those who have used it. Price is something subjective though.

3. Xiaomi Mi Mix

Every year, phone makers challenge themselves to make the phone screen more immersible. Bezel around the screen becomes thinner and some makers even curved the screen. However, none has done it as successful as Xiaomi.

Together with designer, Philippe Starck, Xiaomi has created a concept phone that is almost bezel-less and with a screen ratio of 91.3% (91.3% of the body is screen). And it uses piezoelectric ceramic technology to replace the traditional earpiece and sensors.

Looking at Mi Mix, other phones look “old”. This is their first concept version. I am expecting more good stuff to come.

4. 360 Cameras – Samsung, LG



In the past, if you were to make a 360 video, you will need some engineering knowledge to rig your cameras (and edit with software) to make a 360 degree video. And usually, these rigs are bulky. Thankfully, with Samsung and LG (there are other brands but in terms of quality and usability, I will stick to these two), you can now take 360 video anywhere. Today, with support from YouTube and Facebook, 360 videos are everywhere.

Of course, quality-wise, it needs to improve but you cannot deny that this is really a disruptive technology. Get ready for more 360 simulators and be prepared for interesting ways to watch a movie.

5. Samsung Gear S3

There are so many wearable devices in the market. At the moment, I think Samsung Gear S3 tops the chart for being the best one around. It has a decent battery life (about 5 days) and it changes the way people make payment.

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As I am still reviewing the Samsung Gear S3, it is gradually becoming an indispensable gadget in my lifestyle. I will take every opportunity to use Samsung Pay to pay for my things. It takes seconds to make a payment.

And it terms of design and functionality, I have to say it is the best one around.

That is it. My top 5 consumer gadgets in 2016.

PS: If you want to know what are the misses, here is my take: GoPro Karma, Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Pebble

Have a Happy New Year, Everyone