DJI Mavic Pro Flight at Marina Barrage (Video)

Today is my fourth flight with the DJI Mavic Pro. Loving every minute of it. It is very easy to fly. However, to take very nice video with it, is another skill that I need to acquire. Overall, it has not given me any issues. However, there are some things that I have noted.


Here is the video. It was taken with 4K at 24 FPS and produced in 4K 30 FPs (50Mbs).

Here are my take during my flight today: –

  1. Battery Life – As I mentioned in my first flight before, I need more batteries!! As I am now in the learning phase, many actions are clumsy. Therefore, it affects the time taken to capture a shot that I want. Hopefully, I can get my 2 extra batteries soon. BTW, I do notice that the batteries will actually discharge even if you don’t use them.
  2. Signal – While flying the drone away at around 600m, it showed poor reception even though there are no tall buildings. I will perform a calibration next time when I fly the Mavic Pro. Hopefully, it can solve this problem.
  3. LOS – It is a good and bad problem. The Mavic Pro is small and portable. It also means that once you take your eyes off it, you might not be able to see it. Usually, it is OK as I can see the camera view on my smartphone and guide it back. Maintaining LOS (Line of Sight) is a challenge.
  4. FOV – Because the Mavic Pro has a narrower FOV (field of view) as compared to Karma or Phantom series of drones, you will need to fly higher to get that shot. However, based on the Singapore CAAS rule, the maximum height you can fly is 200ft or approximately 60m. Very low, in my opinion.
  5. Landing Gear – It actually does not have any landing gears except for the 2 hind legs. The clearance between ground and camera is very little. It is necessary to find a flat land to lift off.
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Overall, I am very satisfied with it. With such a small footprint, it is amazing that it is so stable and can take such stable high quality video (4K). I will continue to update my findings. As a first time drone user, it is good that DJI Mavic Pro comes with so many advance sensors that can help me to navigate it with ease of mind.