Have Fun with Qantas Out of Office (video)

Do you sometimes wish that you could tell your customers/colleagues that you are on holiday and not to disturb you? Sometimes, your auto reply message does not do justice to the awesome time you have on your holiday. Worse case, they continue to disturb you. Now, with Qantas Out of Office, you might be able to turn the situation around.


With Qantas Out of Office, it links your email to your Instagram account. So, any pictures that you tag with hashtag #qantasoutofoffice will automatically updates the auto reply message with your holiday Instagram photos.

Check out how it works.

To set it up, you need to go to qantasoutofoffice.com, connect your Instagram account and email address, enter dates you are out of the office, where you are travelling to, and a simple message.

The service is available to those who use Hotmail and Gmail, including other domains that use the Gmail inbox.

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Here is the Press Release.

Press Release


SYDNEY, 16 September 2016: Qantas has today launched Qantas Out Of Office, a new service that transforms the generic out of office auto email reply into a real-­time photographic travel journal.

Qantas Out of Office connects an email address with Instagram and updates the auto reply message with holiday Instagram photos that are tagged with the hashtag #qantasoutofoffice.

To set it up, people need to go to qantasoutofoffice.com, connect their Instagram account and email address, enter dates they are out of the office, where they are travelling to, and a simple message.

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Qantas Group Executive Brand, Marketing & Corporate Affairs Olivia Wirth said the airline hoped the new out of office travelogue would inspire more colleagues, friends and family to travel the world.

“The traditional out of office message can be both generic and impersonal in nature and from our research, sixty percent of employees say they appreciate receiving something more creative,” she said.

“We know that tips from friends and colleagues are the highest driver for people when choosing their next holiday destination, so we saw an opportunity to encourage travel through the millions of out of office emails being sent every day.

“There’s no better real-­time platform than Instagram to promote global travel, especially when combined with Qantas’ vast domestic and international network which offers endless opportunities for original and inspirational images.

“Whether it’s a snap of a traveller relaxing under a palm tree in the Whitsundays or sampling dumplings in Hong Kong, the images will create travel envy and travel aspirations.”

Instagram Brand Development Lead, Australia and New Zealand Sophie Blachford said Qantas Out of Office is a unique and clever platform for an airline because most people who are travelling will activate their out of office as their final gesture before jetting off.

“With this new service, moments from the holiday you’re on will provide colour and personalisation to what’s otherwise a rather mundane computer generated email,” she said.

The application features only the photos tagged with #qantasoutofoffice, so people can choose which photos make up their auto reply message. The service also works with private Instagram accounts.

Qantas Out of Office is available globally to anyone with Hotmail and Gmail, including other domains that use the Gmail inbox.

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The auto reply message for people using email through the Outlook desktop application, will feature a link that takes recipients to a webpage collection of their Instagrammed holiday photos.

To activate your Qantas Out of Office visit: qantasoutofoffice.com