Do you Know WhatsApp has a Reply Feature?

Not sure when it started, WhatsApp now has a reply feature (for mobile only at the moment, not sure about WhatsApp desktop app ). This is really good if you have a cluttered WhatsApp conversation. You can now select the message and reply to it.


You will need to press on the reply icon (once you select the message). It will preview the message that you want to reply to. BTW, my WhatsApp version is 2.16.95.


How to Use Reply Feature on WhatsApp

  1. Select message you want to reply
  2. Click on Reply icon.
  3. A message popup will show the message you want to reply and you can continue to compose your reply.

That is it. Simple, right? However, do take note that on the Reply Message will not appear on your response if you are on WhatsApp Web on a browser (see the top picture for reference).

(Source: Thanks to Hisham of The Rojak Place for the tip)


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