Sony Introduces PS-HX500, Premium Turntable for Vinyl Lover

Exciting news for vinyl lovers. Sony has made a premium Turntable, PS-HX500, that is capable of playing your vinyl collection and at the same time, able to convert them into High-Resolution Audio quality digital files.

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The Sony PS-HX500 turntable is very sleek and has very clean look. It has been a long time since I last touched a vinyl turntable. I remembered the first time I played a vinyl record. With technology, it is now transformed into a high definition recorder that can be used to convert all your vinyl collection into digital format.

I know vinyl collectors will not be impressed with such features as analog is still the best. However, if you can convert your favorite vinyl records to digital format, you can carry them on your Sony Walkman or other gadgets to listen to them on the go. I don’t know about you. I think this is a win-win situation.

Check out the rest of the pictures, or read the Press Release for more information. BTW, it will be available in July 2016 but there is no pricing yet.

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Press Release

Let Your Vinyl Sing with Sony’s New Premium Turntable

Uncompromising features for an exceptional High-Resolution Audio experience at home or on the move

  • Audiophile Turntable with High-Resolution Audio ripping capability for high quality music on the move
  • Outstanding sound quality through enhanced sound tuning and newly developed arm and plinth design
  • New and incredibly easy to use software to record and edit vinyl recordings

(SINGAPORE, 6 June 2016) – As the global resurgence in vinyl continues, Sony has announced a new premium turntable that enables vinyl owners to enjoy their favourite tracks in outstanding quality, even when on the move[1]. In a world first, the Sony PS-HX500 allows you to convert your vinyl collection into High-Resolution Audio quality digital files (equivalent to DSD quality) so that you can enjoy their unique sound wherever you may be.

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High quality sound detail

Made for music lovers, every area of the PS-HX500 is designed to deliver the best possible sound quality and treat your vinyl with the respect it deserves. From a newly developed tone arm to the die-cast platter and the plinth itself; every component has been carefully considered to deliver a great musical performance.

The straight tone arm, designed with the stylus tip located in the central axis of the arm, ensures excellent stereo balance. The arm also features an integrated round head shell that minimises resonance, for pure sound reproduction. An anti-skating device is incorporated into the arm assembly, along with an arm cueing system. A moving magnet cartridge is supplied with tracking force and balance easily adjustable.

The PS-HX500 has an aluminium die-cast platter and is belt driven by a two speed motor. A high density 30mm acoustic plinth is featured, along with a newly designed, 5mm rubber mat and four insulator feet. A classical approach to turntable design, from years of past experience has produced a model which can satisfy the music enthusiast.

Vinyl becomes portable

Record enthusiasts can sometimes be faced with the prospect of inferior digital files of their analogue records for listening on the move. The PS-HX500 comes with a high quality DSD native converter, which gives the user the option to copy their favourite analogue tracks to a PC as a digital file, up to High-Resolution Audio quality. This allows the user to take their favourite music from their vinyl collection and play it on a compatible PC, mobile, portable music-player, or even in their car. The record player also comes with an integrated phono preamp, allowing direct connection to an external amplifier for high-fidelity home audio playback.

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The PS-HX500 is the world’s first turntable to support Double-rate and Single-rate DSD (5.6MHz/1bit, 2.8MHz/1bit), a powerful audio format that will reproduce your music with both accuracy and natural musicality. Furthermore, the AD conversion process can offer a choice of file quality from WAV, to High-Resolution Audio with higher bit rate and sampling frequencies, through to double-rate DSD. Users can therefore not only enjoy their records wherever they go but also appreciate them in superior sound quality.

Easy recording and editing software

Using the PS-HX500 PC application software, a vinyl can easily be converted to High-Resolution Audio files on the user’s PC and edited in post-production.

The compatible software app is simply downloaded and after connecting the computer to the turntable, the recording process is quite simple. Tracks can later be edited, titled, cut, or combined together, allowing users to be truly creative with their music.

The PS-HX500 will be available at all Sony Stores, Sony Centres and selected Sony authorised dealers from July 2016.


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