First Encounter with EcoRider Mark 3

I had just visited CEE 2016 and I must say I am a little disappointed. Nevertheless, as in any trade shows, I would try to find something interesting, especially for the Singapore market. EcoRider is not new at PC fairs but this is my first to see the EcoRider Mark 3 at a trade fair (I saw this device at iWheel4Fun but did not ride it).


The EcoRider Mark 3 is a PEV (Portable Electric Vehicle) or you can also call it PMD (Portable Mobility Device). According to EcoRider, it is a new product for Singapore (around 2 months). It is not the lightest, at 17KG, I can say that no one will want to carry it around. Thankfully, it has assist mode that allows you to pull it like a luggage with minimum effort. Here are the three modes that you can utilize the EcoRider Mark 3.



What sets the Mark 3 apart from other mobility devices is the footprint. It take up a very little space.

If an electric mobility device is to be shared on walk path, it should not be too wide. Based on recommendation by AMAP, the device should not be more than 700mm in width.

The Mark 3 is around 600mm with the flaps opened. The Mark 3 is built with two slanted wheels in the center. When you ride it while standing up or sitting down, you place your legs outside the wheels (If you notice the current hoverboards or Ninebot Mini, you are standing between the wheels. This will give the impression that is is taking up a lot of space due to the wider width).

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Here is the specs

  • Net Weight: 17kg
  • Range: 25km
  • Maximum Speed: 15km/hr
  • Charging Time: 3 hours
  • Weight Load: 20 to 110 kg
  • Dimension: 449-595mm X 384-575mm X 698-1166mm
  • Ground Clearance: 79mm
  • Maximum Climbing Gradient: 15 degrees
  • Tires: 12-inch Tubeless non-pneumatic tires
  • Battery: Lithium Ion 48V/6Ah
  • Charger: AC90V-AC240V
  • Motor: 1200W (2*600W)
  • Max Torque: 30A
  • Dust and Water Protection Class: IP65
  • Lights: Xenon Headlight, Signal and Brake Lights

First Impression

While talking to EcoRider, I sat on the Mark 3. It took me less than a minute to learn to ride it. It has its own app where you can fine-tune the adjustments (example like sensitivity of the turning and etc) on it. It is very stable. The sit has only 2 adjustable height but I don’t think a tall person will be comfortable sitting on it. The handle bar is adjustable. If you want to stand and ride, you can adjust the handle bar by releasing a quick release.

Speed wise, at maximum speed of 15km/hr, it is sufficient for most usage. In my opinion, it will be more appealing to people who wants a mobility device for point A to point B movement and not to spend time to learn how to use it. At SGD2,300, it is very steep price to pay.

From EcoRider, they had tried riding it at some shopping malls and were not stopped by security. They think that it might be because of its small footprint and it looks similar to those disability mobile devices since you are sitting down on it without the foot touching the floor.

I feel that it is very relaxing riding the Mark 3. You almost forgot that the gyroscope is actually balancing it. Perhaps, it is a good way to enjoy the scenery at PCN (Park Connectors) riding on one of them.

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BTW, it has a follow-me feature that allows the Mark 3 to follow you. Too bad, I did not have the chance to try out this feature.

Cost and Availability

  • Cost: S$2,300
  • Availability: Now (2 colors: White, Red)

Go check it out at CEE 2016