NTUC Income Starts Selling Insurance for Bicycles and Mobility Devices

NTUC Income is launching an insurance plan, Personal Mobility Guard, for bicycles and PMDs (Portable Mobility Devices). This, according to the report, is the first of its kind Insurance Plan specifically catered for such devices. Priced at S$96 per year, policyholders will get up to $1 million coverage for paying damages against third parties due to accidental injuries or damage of property.

Picture from NTUC Income via Straits Times

This, in my opinion, is good news for all. For example, currently, most people are saying that if motorists hit PMD users due to PMD users’ negligence, it is definitely difficult to claim against them as they do not have insurance and have no proper paperwork. With insurance (I am sure other insurance companies will follow NTUC Income), there is a proper channel to claim against PMD users. Vice versa, with insurance, PMD users involved in accidents due to motorists’ negligence can request the Insurance company to represent them to claim whatever cost that are involved.

This insurance plan, Personal Mobility Guard (PMG), from NTUC Income will be available from 25th April 2016. You can check out the link below from 25th April.


Personally, I believe NTUC Income has guidelines on specifications of the PEVs/PMDs/e-Bicylce/bicycle. For those who had modified their PMDs or e-bikes, you might not be entitled to the insurance plan. I have yet to see the content of this insurance plan. So the above are my opinion only.

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As you may already know, since our Transport Ministry announced that they will adopt to the recommendations by AMAP (Active Mobility Advisory Panel), expect to see a lot more activities/information on PEVs/PMDs/e-Bike from now on. And with such moves, expect to see more rules coming our way.

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Do you think PMD users or ebikers need such insurance?