iWheel4Fun is the Race for PEV and PMD (video)

If you are an electric unicycle, electric scooter, skate scooter enthusiast, you might be interested to know that there is a race (iWheel4Fun) on the 24th April. Registration is now open and early bird registration is till 31st March 2016.



On the event day, here are the programme highlights

  • Obstacles circuit challenge for kick scooter, electric scooter and electric unicycle

  • Catch the exciting performance by our electric unicycle team

  • Free try out of devices and demonstrations

  • Chill out and re-energise at the Red Bull energy station

  • Shop at the various lifestyle booths offering special promotions

  • Enjoy the wide variety of food & beverage available including our local favourite Old Chang Kee

  • Take part in photo contest and treasure hunt to win attractive prizes

From the information I gather, the race is about speed, agility and control. Here are the obstacles. Based on the names, you should know what they mean.

  • ‘Knock-No-Cones’ (Slalom Obstacle)
  • ‘Adrenaline Rush’ (Ramp)
  • ‘Humpty Dumpty No More’ (Balancing Obstacle)
  • ‘Right On The Dot’ (Brake Check)
  • ‘Drifting’ (Sharp Turn Obstacle)

Check out this video to see how each obstacle looks like.

The race will be held at Carpark D of Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal. Click the below link for more details.

Click Here to Check Out iWheel4Fun

Unfortunately, the race did not include balancing wheels like hoverboard or Ninebot Mini Pro type of PEV or PMD. Hopefully, if more people take part and feedback, they can adjust the race to include them 🙂 .


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