Nessa Hearing Aid has On-demand Services and World’s First Subscription Plan

World Hearing Day 2016 is just over (4th March 2016). Here is some good news for those who are affected by hearing and find it a chore or too shy/embarrassed to get help. Check out Nessa Asia. The Nessa Asia hearing aid is designed to comfortably weigh just less than 3 grams, and is smaller than the size of a 20-cent coin. You can either go to their website for more details or pick up a phone and call them (+65 6816 2868). Did I mention they can remotely calibrate the hearing aids? Now, you can save the trouble of visiting them.


Press Release

Nessa Asia Launches Hearing Aid with On-demand Services and World’s First Subscription Plan

Hearing Aid company pledges to support Singapore’s $4.6 million Hearing-loss Screening Programme

Singapore, 1 March 2016 – In anticipation of World Hearing Day 2016 on Thursday March 3rd 2016, Nessa Asia launches the world’s first hearing aid on a subscription plan with on-demand services to provide better hearing and enrich the lives of elderly.

90% of people with hearing loss in Singapore do not use hearing aids in spite of the potential physical and psychological consequences it may have on their lives. Nessa aims to address their qualms with its intuitive design and service.

“There is a widespread perception that wearing hearing aids is a reflection of one’s ageing, so people are averse to wearing them, even though it impedes their social lives and affects how they interact with their loved ones. We want to help them reconnect with their senses, especially their hearing, by showing them that hearing aids, like glasses, add value to their lives rather than devalue it,” said Olivier Carnohan, Chief Executive Officer of Nessa Asia.

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The Nessa Asia hearing aid is designed to comfortably weigh just less than 3 grams, and is smaller than the size of a 20-cent coin.

Nessa Asia bundles hearing aids with lifestyle privileges, which are delivered using intuitive technology onto a tablet. Subscribers will be provided with the following lifestyle and medical privileges on their tablet to include in their package:

  1. World’s First Remote Fitting
    • Nessa Asia’s hearing aids can be remotely calibrated, eliminating the need for follow-up checks with their audiologists to adjust their hearing aids for a more natural hearing experience.
  2. World’s First Virtual Hearing Aid Medical Concierge
    • More than being a hearing aid provider, Nessa Asia’s advisors, audiologists and medical practitioners are available 7 days a week to offer personalized service any time users need assistance or advice.
  3. World’s First Lifestyle Hearing Aid Bundle for an improved lifestyle
    • Nessa Asia has also bundled with top lifestyle brands like Spotify, StarHub, Resorts World Sentosa and more to provide people with hearing loss a more dynamic and interactive environment that improves their well-being.

Services will include 4G Internet connectivity, streaming of videos, movies and music as well as privileges from participating brands.

This bundle is also aimed at integrating the elderly into the virtual world that many shun away from, due to the lack of knowledge and confidence in using complicated technology.

At Nessa Asia’s launch today, attendees got to experience a live demonstration of what the world would sound like in 20 years with hearing loss. Audiologist and Nessa Asia COO, Helder Araujo, used an app approved by the US government to show how being on the phone everyday can affect our hearing overtime. In fact, 10% of adults aged 40 already experience hearing loss, and this percentage triples for adults aged 60.

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“People working in industries involving loud machineries are usually most prone to hearing loss, but most Singaporeans work in deskbound jobs, and don’t see that their daily habits can also be damaging to their hearing. Even listening to music on earphones every day, or talking on the phone can affect the gravity of your hearing loss as you age,” said Araujo.

At the event, Nessa Asia’s pledged their support for the $4.6 million hearing-loss screening programme by the People’s Association announced over the weekend.

“We are very happy to be able to launch our hearing aid at the time when People’s Association is placing emphasis to help Singaporeans stay on track in tackling hearing loss. There are significant number of people who are diagnosed with hearing loss but are not using hearing aids. We look forward to support our national agenda of increasing the awareness of hearing loss to the wider community and providing feasible and affordable solutions in tandem with the Singapore government,” shared Carnohan.

For more information about Nessa Asia, please visit or call their hotline at +65 6816 2868