LTA revises e-Bike Rules from 1st December 2015

e-Bikes users or enthusiasts, please take note. LTA is revising the rules for e-Bikes on Singapore road and you may not like it. However, I think that this is actually a good direction to ensure the safety of e-Bikers, road users and pedestrians.


So, what are the changes? Check out this table (from CNA).


To summarize, the rules become more stringent and complying to European Standard  (except for the start-up assistance mode which Singapore will NOT adopt). Suppliers of e-Bikes will need to submit the relevant certification or documents to get the approval.

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So, if you are thinking of buying an e-Bike, please ensure that it meets the future specs from LTA.

Technical Requirements

LTA has revised the technical requirements for power-assisted bicycles (PABs) to make such bicycles safer for the cyclists and other road users.

From 1 February 2016, only PABs that meet the following revised requirements will be approved and treated like conventional bicycles and exempted from registration with LTA:

The construction of a PAB must be similar to that of a conventional bicycle;
The PAB can only be powered by an electric source;
The PAB must comply with European Standard, EN15194, for electric power assisted cycles;
The maximum continuous power output of the PAB must not exceed 250 watts;
The motor power of the PAB can only cut in when the rider starts to pedal;
The motor power of the PAB must be progressively reduced and finally cut off as the bicycle reaches 25km/h, or sooner, if the cyclist stops pedalling;
The maximum weight of the PAB must not exceed 20kg.

I think the scary part about the revision is that there will be heavier fines for people who are currently riding these PABs that are non-compliant to the current LTA regulations. I suspect, from 1st of December, there will be a lot more LTA officers on the road looking out for these e-bikers.

To stem this trend, with immediate effect, the composition fine for first-time offenders will be raised to S$300, up from the current S$100. Subsequent offences will attract composition sums of S$500, up from the current S$200.

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What do you think about the new rules and regulations on e-Bikes in Singapore? Agree or Disagree?

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