Review: Super Slim MU Tablet Charger

When I first saw the MU charger, I fall in love with it immediately. It is the one of the slimmest (if not the slimmest) charger I have seen. The design is simply fantastic and makes me wonder why no one come up with this design before.


If you are in a country that uses the British standard plugs or Type G plug (like in UK, Singapore, Malaysia or Hong Kong), you may have realized that the chargers are very bulky as compared to those in the EU or US, Japan region. This is due to the 3 blades (or 3-pin) design.

The MU charger changes everything. Not only that it has an output of 2.4 A to charge most of the devices, it can fit nicely in your pocket even with the British plug system. It is so slim that you can bring it anywhere.

Different views of the MU Tablet Charger

If you notice, the footprint of this MU charger is very small. It is very compact.





Folding Mechanism

You might be wondering now, “Where are the 3 blades?”. The MU Charger has an unique folding system or mechanism to hide the blades away. Check out the below picture to understand how it works.


As you can see, with just a twist, the 3 pins are aligned. And with a folding mechanism for the cover, the blades can be easily hidden away. Here is another view with the blades deployed.


And here is a sequence of pictures to show how it can become a 3-blade plug in seconds.

First, open up the flaps (yes, I call them the flaps) to expose the blades.

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When the flaps are opened, you can clearly see the blades.


Give it a twist and it becomes a British standard plug ready to plug into the socket.


Here is the MU charger plugged into a socket.



Performance-wise, this single USB port is able to handle most devices that I have. I did not really try to justify if it is a 2.4A output or not. I can see that the charging is quite fast (but no way near the rapid charging feature in some devices). BTW, charging is very subjective. It varies due to many factors: your devices intake, the battery capacity of the device when it is charged (some devices will throttle the charging when their batteries are almost full), the cable, the consumption rate of the power in the device and etc.

Charger Comparison

As mentioned earlier, most chargers with British standard plugs are bulky. Here are pictures of different chargers being placed side by side. None of them has the form factor of the MU charger.

From Left: iPad/tablet charger (2.1A), iPhone charger (old type), Samsung Galaxy S6 edge charger, MU Tablet Charger.


As you can see, none of them came close (in terms of form factor) to the MU Charger. Some might argue that the Samsung Galaxy S6 charger is pretty close. Here is a close up of the Samsung charger and MU Tablet Charger with the blades deployed. Yes, they may look similar.


However, when you check out this picture, you will know who is the clear winner.


Where to Buy?

As you may know, the MU Charger is an UK product. So far, I did not see any local shops selling it. Eventually, I found a website selling it – Mobile Fun. And thankfully, it has a Mobile Fun Singapore site.

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However, do note that it still ships from overseas. The pricing are in SGD. Shipping wise, if you are not in the hurry, choose the super saver. The shipping rate is quite reasonable for this small item. It cost about $3.95. I am not sure about the shipping cost of other products though. The website accept Visa and PayPal.


Here is the product link of the MU Tablet Charger

Click Here to MU Tablet Charger at Mobile Fun Singapore

This is the packaging MU Tablet Charger I received from Mobile Fun


I am quite satisfied with the delivery. Anyway, there are thousands of products at Mobile Fun. If you have time, do check it out.


Overall, the MU Tablet Charger is functioning as per advertised. Do note that MU has a few products. Do check them out. If you can wait even further, they might be coming out with a traveler charger that has a modular system (MU System).

If there is something that can be changed or improved on the MU Tablet Charger, it has to be the rapid charging feature found on some phones. Hope that you enjoyed this short review. If you happen to find any shops selling it, do let me know.

The price might be a bit steep for a single port charger. However, the design is really good. All geeks should have one 🙂 .