Review: AiRazor AR-100 Series Air Purifier (video)

The haze has created a lot of problems (especially health related ones) in Singapore and in our neighboring countries. However, it has also created opportunities for entrepreneurs to innovate and come up with haze-related products. In fact, AiRazor is a company that was borne due to the haze situation some years ago. This local company is a spin-off company from NUS (National University of Singapore).



One of AiRazor’s pioneer products is the AR-100 Series fan or circulator with air purifying capability. Its concept is very simple. Fit a fan with a filter that is capable of stopping PM2.5 particles. When particles pass through this fan with filter, they will be stopped. Over time, the air will circulate and become cleaner as more particles are being stopped by the filter.

Here is my short review on the AiRazor AR-100 series that I recently bought.

Physical Appearance

I have to be blunt here. It is not exactly a high quality fan that I envisioned. The frame and the fan cover look cheap and slightly dated. I guess AiRazor is more focused on the results than on the aesthetic part of this product.


My first impression of AR-100 series is that it looks like an industrial fan. Period. There is no fanciful LED or display. Only one reliable knob to change the speed and an on/off switch for oscillating the fan.



The vertical part is secured by a bolt as seen below.


I decided to open the cover to have a close look of those blades and motor. BTW, please DO NOT operate the fan without the cover. It has a high rotation speed and the aluminum blades are not very hand-friendly with sharp edges. From my observation, the blades are not coated with any paint.

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Here is a close up on one of the blades.


As you can see, this is a very industrial looking fan.


Here is something you should be aware of. The blade thickness tapers off towards the edge, effectively making it a very sharp object (i.e. like a knife?). I stress again. Be careful not to let anyone get near it without the cover or proper supervision when it is turned on.


Next, let’s take a look at the filter. The filter is the most important element on the AR-100 Series. It is quite thick as you can see in the video later.


Here is a close up of the filter element. Do not use hand to touch them as they can crumple easily.


On the other side of the filter, it has a circular grill. The one that I had has some defects on it. See below. However, it does not really matter.


Assembling the filter with the AiRazor cover is a bit frustrating at first as I want to make a perfect fit. Once I decided that I should not go for that perfect fit, everything fits perfectly. What an irony.

The reason is because there is NO perfect fit. I tried to place the filter into the inner seam (of the cover) as instructed by the instruction manual. It will not hold properly. The trick is to evenly adjust the cover with the filter while placing over the fan.


I made a short video to show more about the filter and cover part and also the operational of the AR-100 Series. Check it out.

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As you notice, with the filter element, it will greatly reduce the wind factor. This is NOT an issue. It is supposed to work in this way. Overall, it is pretty straight forward to use. According to the instruction, the filter element will need to be replaced once it turns grey.


For a Air Purifier that cost less than S$200 and really works, It is a good buy. If you are thinking of putting it into a room or a small enclosed area, be prepared to be annoyed by the noise. I have actually anticipated the noise (from the filter) but I did not think that it is that loud.

The noise should be bearable if it is in the living room or a bigger area. With the haze persisting till end of the year or early next year, I believe this AiRazor product will be a great help in the house.

For those who want one in the room but minus the noise, check out their other products, the AR-200 Series, that come with modern features like timer and remote control. If you already have a fan with an 18-inch cover, you can just buy the filter and the cover to convert the fan into an air purifier.

Overall, I am satisfied that this product really does what it is supposed to do.

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PS: They have recently increased their products’ price.