Happy 47th Birthday, Singapore (Video)

Happy 47th Birthday Singapore! Hope that it can only get better, if not the best. For those who had the actual day tickets to National Day Parade, enjoy yourselves. For those who are not in Singapore and wish to watch the celebration, there is always the webcast that you can follow.

NDP committee has been making the website more awesome every year. This year, they even come out with some cool ways to celebrate National Day. Check out the cool PicBadges for Facebook and also our Singapore Pledge.

Click Here to NDP website

And here is the video if you have forgotten how to say the pledge.

And I know some of you hate this song. I am still going to use it here.

Finally, to the “blogging father” of Singapore, Mr. Brown. Some say his version is better than the official one. 🙂

And with this, I wish everyone a Happy 47th National Day.

Happy Birthday, Singapore

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