Singapore General Election on Twitter

The Singapore General Election 2015 is over. Most people have stopped talking about it. Now, is this a time to reflect what had happened? This is not a political site, so the answer is NO. Instead, lets take a look at how the Twitterverse reacted from Nomination Day to Polling Day.


The below information are provided by Twitter Singapore. I am extracting those that are interesting.

Number of tweets relating to GE2015 from 1st Sep to 11th Sep: more than 170K tweets

Here is an embedded interactive chart based on the hashtag #GE2015

Did you notice a pattern? We Singaporeans are very well behaved. The tweets peaked only at around lunch time and night time, consistently.

Most Shared Tweet

And this most shared tweet during the polling period seems to hit a cord with many. It shows a homeless man sleeping on a piece of cardboard in the CBD area. Is it a symbolic representation of Singaporeans’ worries about bread-and-butter issues during the election?

Here are the interesting tweets that Twitter picked up.

Some of the Most Shared Tweets related to #GE2015 on Twitter

1. Upside down PAP posters showing Singaporeans’ sense of humour:


2. An imagined awkward moment between PM Lee and RP’s Roy Ngerng on Nomination Day:


3. ESM Goh Chok Tong and WP’s Low Thia Khiang comparing the PAP to a cruise ship vs the Titanic:


4. The rock concert crowds for the WP rallies every night, starting with Hougang:

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5. NSP’s Cheo Chai Chen’s insensitive comments about PAP’s Tin Pei Ling’s motherhood:


Rankings of Top 3 Most Mentioned Parties of #GE2015 on Twitter

  1. Workers’ Party (@wpsg)
  2. People’s Action Party (@PAPSingapore)
  3. Singapore Democratic Party (@yourSDP)

Rankings of Top 3 Most Mentioned Party Leaders of #GE2015 on Twitter

  1. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong (@leehsienloong)
  2. Singapore Democratic Party’s Chee Soon Juan (@CheeSoonJuan)
  3. Workers’ Party Low Thia Khiang

Rankings of Top 5 most discussed GRCs of #GE2015 on Twitter

  1. Aljunied GRC
  2. East Coast GRC
  3. Pasir Ris Punggol GRC
  4. Marine Parade GRC
  5. Ang Mo Kio GRC

In terms of tweets among the parties, WP and PAP have the closest “fight”.


However, do notice the difference. WP peaked during the starting of the campaign while PAP peaked only towards the end of it.

Click Here to Check the Interactive Chart on #WP


Click Here to Check the Interactive Chart on #PAP

Interesting, for SDP, Chee Soon Juan’s first rally speech in 15 years is the highlight during the campaign period.



Click Here to Check Out the Interactive Chart on #SDP

What is your thoughts?