FiftyThree Pencil for your iPad and iPhone (video)

If you are hesitant to spend almost S$100 on the latest Apple Pencil that was recently announced, here is an alternative that you can get now and use it on any iPad or iPhone versions at half the cost. Check out the FiftyThree Pencil which is available for some time already.


In my opinion, it really looks nicer that the Apple Pencil. One way to describe both of them is that the Apple Pencil is aka a mechanical pencil while the FiftyThree Pencil is really an old-school pencil that requires a sharpener 🙂 (BTW, the FiftyThree Pencil is inspired by the Carpenter Pencil).

I wonder how they felt when Apple announced Apple Pencil. For now, I think they are enjoying a lot of publicity and sales before the arrival of Apple Pencil and iPad Pro in November 2015.

Both of them uses Bluetooth technology and have sensors to detect sensitivity. As for FiftyThree Pencil, it has an eraser feature. In terms of technology and usage, we will have to wait for professionals to review both of them.

I love the walnut version. You can grab FiftyThree Pencil at Amazon. Currently, the Graphite version is on sales at USD39.95.

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Here is a video on how it works.

If you need more information, head down to their official website.

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