Pebble Time Steel First Look

Finally , my Pebble Time Steel has arrived. This is my second time I have backed Pebble on their projects on Kickstarter. Initially, I hesitated to support them because I don’t want another plastic watch. Thankfully, they came out with the Steel version during the campaign which I supported immediately. I spent USD250 + delivery charge for the Pebble Time Steel.


As you may have already heard, the Pebble is running on Pebble OS and not Android Wear or iOS. This is good because it supports both OSes. The packaging is professionally done since they have already gathered enough experiences on their retail and previous Kickstarter project.

I am currently wearing my Motorola 360 Android Watch. So, when I switch to Pebble Time Steel, it seems small and dull (in terms of the color display). However, what I get in return is the long battery life (supposedly to last around 10 days) and water resistant up to 30m.


The built of this watch is solid. I chose the gun metal since I have other silver watches. I am still waiting for the metal strap as there has been a delay. In these pictures, you will see the premium leather strap. It is soft and feels like high quality. I am not a fan of leather strap, especially with Singapore’s humid weather.

If you compared with version one of Pebble, there is a vast difference. The first version is very plastic and feels like a home made product. The Pebble Time Steel is really an improvement.

There are three buttons on one side and one button on the other sides. The three buttons are for the future, present and past notifications and etc. The button on the other side is like a back button.

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Here is one of the watch face that I chose. If I compare to my Android Wear, I still prefer my Android Wear watch. However, since Pebble is running on e-Ink, the display is always there and you have no worries when looking at the content in bright light.


On the back of the watch, you can see the word Pebble on the leather strap. One of the highlights of the Pebble Time is the quick release catch of the strap. You can easily change the strap. From the design, I think we can still buy other straps to use on the Pebble Time, unlike Apple Watch’s design.


Pebble keeps track of their backers. As I am a second time backer, I have the special engrave on the back of the Pebble Time Steel. This is the perk (besides the lower price) of a Kickstarter backer.


I have really small wrist. So the Pebble Time seems big on my hand. I guess this size is great for guys and gals.


The charging point is now at the back. You will need this special magnetic cable to charge it. It snaps easily into place when it is near the charging port.


I just got my Pebble Time Steel yesterday. So, I really did not explore it intensively. One thing I missed about my Android Wear watch is the bright and colorful display. the Pebble watch display is not that bright and colorful since it is on e-Ink. Hopefully, by the next version, it can has a more professional display.

Connecting the Pebble Time Steel watch to my Android phone is easy. Just download the Pebble Time app (Not Pebble App) and follow the instructions. BTW, I am not sure when it will retail in Singapore but according to the campaign, the usual retail price is USD299.

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