Misfit Speedo Shine for Swimmers

I have been receiving newsletters from Misfit for many times. Finally, here is one that I think it worth your time to read. If you are a swimmer, you might want to keep track of your laps, swim distance and etc. Now, Misfit and Speedo has come out with a product, Speedo Shine, that does this and more.


Here is a claim in the newsletter: –

Speedo Shine™, developed by Misfit and Speedo, is a fitness, swim, and sleep tracker that is waterproof to 50 meters and has special swim tracking capabilities. Speedo Shine tracks a swimmer’s lap count and swim distance with industry-leading accuracy and works for all stroke types. In addition to swimming, Speedo Shine tracks walking, running, cycling, and more, and automatically tracks light and deep sleep.

Did you see it? Waterproof of up to 50m and able to track all stroke types, plus you have other tracking capabilities like walking, running, cycling and etc! Buy this and you can get all tracking features (almost).


So, where and when can you get the Misfit Speedo Shine?

The new Speedo Shine™ will be available exclusively at Misfit.com, SpeedoUSA.com and Apple Stores for only $79.99 beginning September 1st, 2015. Watch out for it!

The price is actually not steep. The good thing about Misfit Shine series is that you need not charge it at all. Just replace the button battery every 6 months. Anyway, I am not sure if you will see it in Singapore. Nevertheless, I think you can still buy online and ship over. BTW, the price is in USD.

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