Search your name on Google Maps for a surprise

I believe many of you might have searched your names on Google Search. But have you searched your name on Google Maps? Get ready for a surprise because the results may shock you.


I got five results searching my own name (Joe Teh) on Google Maps. Of the 5 results, only one is somewhere not familiar. For the rest of the places, I have definitely been there once or twice.

If you think that it is because I might be logged on to my Google account when I did the search, you are wrong. I did it in Incognito mode (something like anonymous mode) on my Chrome Browser and I still get the same results. I am not sure what Google did to curate these results but it seems to do with our data that was collected in one way or another.

Here is another thing that you might want to take note. For some of you (and me), you might somehow agree to Google to collect your location data. This might seems harmless.

Here is something you should know. Google is tracking your location history. Take for example, in my case, I was at *Scape on Thursday and Friday for the YouTube Fanfest events. You can actually see that I went there in the history. And since I live in the East, there are many points that are collected over the east side of Singapore.

Left: Thursday, Right: Friday

To see your location history on Google, follow the link below.

Have fun recapping your daily journeys with Google Location History. To turn off this feature on Android (most probably from your devices), just go to setting and locate:-

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Location –> Google Location History and turn off the devices that you might have enabled