nexpaq is the modular smartphone case for iPhone and Android (video)

If you have seen Project Ara, here is something that might interest you. nexpaq is a Kickstarter project that might change the way you use your smartphone. nexpaq is a modular smartphone casing. Just snap on a few modules and you can transform your smartphone to your needs.


If you have not read the content, you might thought that this is exactly reap off from Project Ara. In my opinion, they are different. For nexpaq, their focus is to build accessories to accompany the smartphones that are already in the market while for Project Ara, the phone itself becomes part of the accessories.

Currently, this Kickstarter project, nexpaq, has already reached its goal. Therefore, the project is a go. Based on my experiences on Kickstarter, you might need to wait a little longer for it to materialize.

I hope it can succeed but I have seen a fair share of failures in Kickstarter to realize that every project is a risk you have to take (when you invest/support).

Here is the introduction of nexpaq modular smartphone casing.

Click Here to Check Out nexpaq on Kickstarter

At the moment, they already have 12 modules. If there is something to be worried about, I guess it will be the thickness of this nexpaq casing. I hope it is thin enough to fit the pocket.


FYI, as the module will be hot-swappable, you can add in more batteries to it to prolong its battery life. And if you have iPhone and Android, you can even share the modules.

BTW, currently, they are only supporting a few Android models. If you are thinking of supporting them, check the details first.

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