Free Mobile Data on 1st May 2015

If you are a postpaid Singtel user, you will be getting free mobile data on 1st May 2015. According to Singtel, this is a “thank you” for their customers during a glitch on the 22nd April 2015. However, it stopped short of telling us what was the problem on that day.


If you remembered, on 23rd April, many Singtel customers could not access the Internet via mobile data. But not all were affected. Not sure what the problem was as it was not explained by Singtel. Nevertheless, kudos to them for providing free mobile data on a public holiday.

I copied their FAQ on how you can enjoy this free data usage.

Who is eligible for this benefit?

This benefit is offered to all Singtel Mobile Postpaid customers, including Corporate Individual Scheme (CIS) and corporate mobile customers, all of whom must use the APNs listed below (“Eligible Customers”).

What is this benefit about?

Eligible Customers can enjoy free unlimited local data on 1 May 2015.  This benefit starts from 00:00hrs and ends at 23:59hrs (Singapore Time) on 1 May 2015.

If your mobile price plan comes with a local data bundle, this means that your data usage on 1 May 2015 will not be deducted from your bundle.

How can I enjoy this benefit?

For Postpaid mobile customers, you would need to access local mobile data (2G/3G/4G) through e-ideas/ Internet/ BlackBerry APNs.These would be the default APNs on your device if you have not changed your settings before.

How can I ensure that my local data usage is waived?

First, check your APNs to ensure that the APN you are using to access cellular data is eligible.

Second, switch off and on (restart) your device after 00:00hrs on 1 May 2015, in order to restart a new local data usage session to enjoy this benefit. This will ensure that your phone is not running any continuous background data session.

How do I check my APN settings? What should my APN settings be?

Default settings for Singtel Postpaid smartphone customers:

APN username: e-ideas

Default settings for Singtel Mobile Broadband customers (dongles/tablets):

APN username: internet

On iOS devices, go to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Network > APN

On Android devices, go to Settings > Networks > Mobile Networks > Access Points Names

Do I get to enjoy free local data if I am not on a data-bundled plan?

If you are on a non data-bundled plan, you will still get to enjoy this benefit on 1 May 2015 by using the APNs mentioned above.

Will I be able to view my usage on 1 May 2015?

As your local data usage is waived on 1 May 2015, you will not see any clocked usage on that date (and within the time stated) on your My Singtel App and on your monthly bill.

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