Now you can call out from WhatsApp

If you have been following the news of WhatsApp, you will know that they are going to implement WhatsApp calling. Now, good news for Android users, you can have this feature. Here is how you can get it.


As you can see from the above screen shot, there is a phone icon which is previously not around. Click on this icon to make your phone call to another WhatsApp user (who has the latest app with this feature).

This is what happen if the other person do not have this feature.


Do remember that calling via WhatsApp is actually using data. I suggest that you do it when you are on WiFi. I am not sure the quality of the call as I have not make one yet.

I am not sure if it is as data conservative as Nanu or not. Do note that you can only call to another WhatsApp user and not to any phone number.

Here is the deal breaker. Currently, I think only Android users will have the privilege to use this feature (at first). iOS users might have to wait (like the WhatsApp Web feature).

So, how do you get this feature?

Only for Android users.

  • Go to your Google Play Store to see if you have any update on WhatsApp. If you have it, congrats, you might have this feature (my version is 2.12.19)
  • If you have no update, go to WhatsApp website and download the latest WhatsApp for Android.
  • Transfer the APK to your phone.
  • Make sure that your phone security is set to allow other sources to install onto it. If not, go to security settings to change it. If you are unsure, wait for the update on Google Play Store.
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Second Method

  • Get a friend who has this feature to call you on WhatsApp (you must be an Android user). It will magically activate this feature 🙂

That is it. Enjoy your call on WhatsApp (although there are also so many other apps that can do the same 🙂 ).