Lenovo CEO might have leaked out the new Moto 360 watch

Lenovo CEO, Yang Yuanqing, might be getting himself into some difficult situation. It seems that he had posted on Weibo an image of the new gen Moto 360 smart watch which I believe he should not 🙂 .


In the Weibo post, which he had deleted, he referred them as Moto 360. If you have seen or used a Moto 360, you will know that it is nothing like the current one.

Thankfully, nothing escapes the Internet. Soon enough, the picture resurfaced and here it is (it is actually a single pic but was separated into two pictures). As you can see, it has different different bands and sizes and seems like the bezel can be exchanged too.


I am thinking that the new Moto 360 might just be a single circular device that can fit into any customized bezel and straps. That will create a lot of opportunities for 3rd parties to enhance it.

Some also noted that the signature “flat tire” look of Moto 360 is still around. This area (or they call the “flat tire”) is actually to house the ambient sensor and etc. However, some people just hated it, saying it disrupt the circular shape of the design (blocking some display). I have no problem with though.