HTC Butterfly hardware tour

Thanks to HTC, I have been holding to the HTC Butterfly for a week. My first impression of this Android phone is it is thin, light and smooth with all the rounded edges, despite the fact that it has a very big 5-inch screen with full HD (1920×1080) resolution.


Looking at the picture above, many might think that the reflective nature of the screen may make it a fingerprint magnet and unreadable under the bright light.

I am happy to tell you that it is very readable under the afternoon sun and the screen is not easily smudge with fingerprint. Don’t ask me what HTC has done with the Gorilla Glass 2 screen but it just don’t attract the fingerprints.



Here is a close up of the 8 megapixels camera.


If you look at the specs, the phone is not thin (by recent standard) at 9.08mm. However, the curve on the back and the tapers to the sides deceive you into thinking that it is slim.




The HTC Butterfly has a IPX-5 rating. Therefore, it has most of the ports covered (except the 3.5mm jack).


On the bottom, it has the standard Micro-USB port for data transfer and charging. On the top, it houses the MicroSIM card and the MicroSD card.

Here is a close up of the port.


Here is the MicroSIM holder with the MicroSIM card.


Here is the shot before the MicroSIM is inserted into the device.


Fully inserted.


Notice the hole (right side) in the picture above. It is for ejecting the MicroSIM card together with the pick (provided).

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My only gross with the slots is that there is NO labels on them. There is no indication on which is the correct side and which slot is for what purpose. Thankfully, HTC provided a simple instruction to show you how to remove or insert the cards.


I love the packaging from HTC. It is simple and elegant.


Inside the packaging, it has the usual stuff like the charger,MicroUSB cable and the earpiece.  Here is the earpiece. It is not the in-ear type.



From my talking with people who has seen and played with this HTC Butterfly, the ladies love it more than the guys. One of their comments is that they like the phone because of the curves and the perceived slimness.

As for the guys (and myself), the omission of 4G/LTE capability is something that bother them. One year ago, it might be ok. But now, it seems that NFC, LTE, large screen is the norm and a must for most people.

In my next post, I will testing the phone with water. Based on the IPX-5 rating, it is able to withstand jets of water spraying onto it at different angles. However, I am not sure if the grille or the exposed 3.5mm jack can withstand it.

That is it for now. If you need to know more about it, click on the below link.

Click Here to Read the Specifications and Press Release of HTC Butterfly