Starbucks Singapore App available on Android

Maybe I am the last one in Singapore to know this, Starbucks Singapore Android App is finally available now. I usually stalk the Play Store to see if Starbucks has released the app or not. This 2 months I did not do that and surprise, surprise, the app is available.


iOS users have been enjoying this app for a long time. Anyway, better late than never. Go to Google Play Store and search for Starbucks, you should be able to find Starbucks Singapore app. Now, I can leave my physical card at home and use the “Touch to Pay” feature to buy my drinks 🙂 .

Click Here to Get Starbucks Android App at Google Play Store

BTW, my Gold Card finally arrived in my mailbox yesterday night. Yes, many has gotten it long time ago. I encountered some hiccups but thanks to Starbucks Singapore’s assistance, it is finally here.


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