Meet GoPro competitor, Xiaomi YiCamera

GoPro has a serious competitor. Check out the Xiao Yi sports camera (小蚁运动相机) or YiCamera. At half the cost (399 yuan or S$87) of a GoPro Hero (most basic camera of GoPro Series), it might disrupt the game plan of GoPro. BTW, YiCcamera is sold through Xiaomi.


Based on the specs by Tech in Asia, I think the YiCamera is really value for money.


The specs is incredibly good for that price. I am not sure about the waterproof depth though. I could not find it on Xiaomi’s website. Anyway, I especially like the features like the 16MPX photo output, the light weight of it, the battery that can be charged rapidly and most importantly, the nice pricing.

However, with the camera at F2.8 aperture, it is not the brightest. So, I have some doubts over its night capability as compared to GoPro. The YiCamera is currently sold in China only. There is no news of when the rest of the world can get it.

To end this post, check out this YiCamera harness on a super cute cat.


Click Here to Check Out YiCamera on Xiaomi Website


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