The Neptune Duo lets your wrist do the talking (video)

Well, this is something interesting. Check out the Neptune Duo. It is a wearable for your wrist and comes with a 5-inch display. Usually, you will think that the 5-inch display is the primary device. In this case, it is not. The screen is just a companion while the wrist device is the hub.


From the same company that brought to us the Neptune Pine (wrist watch), this is their latest product, Neptune Duo. The wrist device (Neptune Hub) is very powerful. It runs on Android Lollipop with a quad core processor. It has 3G/4G, WiFi, GPS and etc. In my  opinion, it seems like a good looking and powerful wearable.

The screen serves as a bigger display and interface to the Neptune Hub and nothing much else. Therefore it has an uninteresting name of Pocket Screen. It is also a battery pack for the Hub too (Hub has just 1000 mAh battery while the Pocket screen has 2,800mAh).

Here is the intro video.

Currently, you can make a pledge of USD498 (save USD300) to get one. Delivery is stated as late 2015. Or you can reserve it for free and pay USD798 once it is available.

The specs is interesting but I did not see any waterproofing of this device which is worrying. You see, when I supported Neptune on Kickstarter, I waited for such a long time to get my Neptune Pine and finally, when it reaches me, I did not take a second look at it because it becomes obsolete (my opinion) when I finally receive it.

And it does not even have waterproof or water resistant feature at all (this feature was removed when the developer could not mass produced the results as they wanted).

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So, if you want to pledge or reserve it, make sure you head down to their site and read all the fine prints.

Click Here to Check Out Neptune Duo