Make your eye bags disappear almost instantly (video)

That is right. Your eye bag disappears in 3 minutes or less. It is not Photoshop if that is what you are thinking. When I saw the headline on the video (shared on my Facebook timeline recently), I thought that it was some video editing. Thankfully, the video was shot in Singapore and I managed to track down the source.


10 years ago, you tell me there is such thing, I will not believe it. Now, with advancement in technology, it is possible. Here is the video shot locally (Singapore)..

Imagine that if you have half his problem (or his eye bag), what could the product do to you.. (I have seen the product performing its magic on those with mild eye bags and you can imagine how the results will be. That is why i am blogging about it).

From my understanding from my source, there’s worldwide shortage of this product but I do know a thing or two on how to get them eventually (Yes, I have them in super limited quantities..  🙂 ).

Let me know if you are interested to know more. You can look for me on Twitter or Facebook (if you are my friend). Or drop me a comment (and your email) here or on TechieLobang Facebook page so that I can share more information with you privately.

The company did not pay me to endorse this product though but good “lobang” must share.