Win a Limited Edition Vespa Primavera – SG50 Edition

I love Vespa scooters? When I was young, I thought that the Vespa looked cool. Today, when I see one, I still think it is cool. IMO, The Vespa scooter design is timeless and iconic. Now, you can have a chance to win one limited edition Vespa Primavera just by submitting a photo of yourself or your family with any Vespa model.

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As Singapore is celebrating her 50th Birthday this year, the Limited Edition Vespa Primavera will be decorated with the flavor of SG50. From 1st February till 31st March 2015, you will stand a chance to win it when you submit a photograph of you and/or your family members to AiDeHua Facebook page.

The person who submitted the picture with the most votes will win the Vespa Primavera.

Manufactured by Piaggio Group, the new Vespa Primavera 150CC is now available in Singapore and is by exclusive retailer Ai De Hua Pte Ltd. More details are in the Press Release.

Press Release


SINGAPORE, 30 January, 2015 – “My Vespa, My Story” concept was created in Singapore as an extension of the new “Do You Vespa” theme, for us to celebrate the launch of the all new Primavera and Vespa brand’s heritage with the sharing of inspiring stories behind it.

Take a picture with your Vespa and share with us!

Participate in our “My Vespa, My Story” Facebook campaign from 1 February to 31 March 2015, where you stand a chance to win the brand new Vespa Primavera as well as other exclusive Vespa prizes!

Upload a picture of yourself and/or your family members together with any Vespa model, even those from the 1950s! The photos will be displayed on AiDeHua Facebook page (, where one of the 10 photos with the highest number of votes will be selected as the Grand prize winner!

The Grand Prize winner will win the all new Vespa Primavera – SG50 Edition and a Limited Edition “Do You Vespa” Flashpay Card. The other nine finalists will each win a Limited Edition Vespa T-shirt, a Limited Edition “Do You Vespa” Flashpay Card, a four-course dinner for two at an Italian restaurant. There will also be four other subsidiary prizes including Most Creative Photo, Most Meaningful Photo, Most Vintage Photo, OldestVespa Still in Use. Each winner will get a Limited Edition Vespa Premium, a Limited Edition “Do You Vespa” Flashpay Card and four-course dinner for two at an Italian restaurant.

“Do You Vespa”


Vespa – the truly global icon with a strong history of individualism and is the most widespread and popular two-wheeled vehicle in the world. It is a legend built on a record of technology and elegance that has transformed it over time into the emblem of a lifestyle connected to youth and freedom. A brand with real attitude, the Vespa lifestyle is exclusive; Vespa owners are special, original people; a secret club of people who Vespa; intriguing and inviting new customers to embrace the Vespa brand and community.

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Our brand new “Do You Vespa” campaign embodies this concept and is about celebrating the personality and the attitude of the people we see in the images. We took our inspiration for the campaign from the people who choose to ride Vespa – they are people who have conviction and are sure of themselves, they are trend-setters not trend followers. They cut their own path through life, so much so, that you can pick them out of a crowd.



The Primavera is a highly modern Vespa, designed with the elegance of an exclusive style but without renouncing the comfort aspect.

The central part, with its distinguishing omega shape, improves the riding position and gives the most modern Vespa a clear style feature taken from the story of legendary models; it rises like a “backbone” up to the base of the handlebar. The footrest is now narrower at the sides and, together with the reduced height of the saddle, allows riders of any height to easily rest their feet on the ground.

The extended taillight also helps to give the body a streamlined appearance. The alternating convex and concave lines of the bodywork respect the most classic Vespa expressing a definite modern feel. Soft, rounded forms blend with the tension of sharp lines that give the entire vehicle an extra touch of vitality.

The turn indicators and LED daylight running lights are not excessively large, leaving space for the front shield; they are elegantly fitted flush with the bodywork, to avoid interfering with the clean lines of the Vespa Primavera.

Following in the footsteps of the Vespa tradition, the flat, two-seat saddle is now more comfortable and practical, with the double stitching that distinguishes refined Italian leatherwork. The rear part is surrounded by the passenger grab handle – made, of course, in the traditional and unmistakable chromium pipe.

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The design of the 11” alloy wheel rims is entirely new and, despite respecting the traditional number of five spokes, manages to reinterpret a classicVespa element.

The Primavera comes in six colours – MonteBianco White, Blue Midnight, Dragon Red, Crete Senesi Brown, Marechiaro Light Blue and Vulcan Black.


All-new, more rigid body.

The steel sheet bodywork, that also acts as a support, is the element that makes the Vespa stand out from every other scooter in the world. TheVespa Primavera body is completely new, although it maintains a loyalty to a unique construction philosophy and consists of pressed, welded parts.

The precise design has produced previously unseen levels of rigidity, but without compromising the weight of the structure.

The new position of the battery (in the central side member of the footrest) has increased the capacity of the helmet compartment to 16.6 litres (from 14.3 in the previous Vespa), further facilitating access to the engine for maintenance work (just be raising the helmet compartment).

A new engine mounting system reduces vibrations.

The engine is mounted on the body with a system of 2-position arms (only one position on the previous version) and uses a stop with double rubber absorption damper. As a result, the rider feels a notable reduction in vibrations in the various contact points (saddle, knobs and footrest).

New front suspension.

Despite maintaining the classic Vespa single arm suspension, the new Primavera has a completely redesigned system for reducing slide friction. The shock absorber is now fixed to the aluminium support that connects it to the wheel via a hinged pin giving far less friction and so greater comfort for the rider.


About Ai De Hua Pte Ltd

Ai De Hua Pte Ltd (ADH) is the sole distributor for Piaggio, Vespa and Gilera brands in Singapore under the Piaggio Group. Since 2005, we have been meeting the aspirations of Scooter riders in

design, technology and practicality. Every model of scooter is carefully selected by our dedicated expert, in line with our mission to only present quality motor scooters to our customers. We have since introduced models that have created new categories of usage patterns.

Over the years, we are widely recognized amongst the leaders in the industry to provide a unique showroom experience, dedicated range of accessories, a comprehensive and extended period of warranty service; which has then became a standard in the scooter industry. Having a team of knowledgeable and experienced personnel, we will continue to innovate and enhance the ownership experience of our products.

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About Piaggio APAC

Largest European manufacturer of two-wheel motor vehicles and one of the world leaders in its sector. The Group is also a major international player on the commercial vehicle market. The Piaggio Group product range includes scooters, motorcycles and mopeds from 50 to 1,400 cc marketed under the Piaggio, Vespa, Gilera, Aprilia, Moto Guzzi, Derbi and Scarabeo brands. The Group also operates in the three- and four-wheel light transport sector with its Ape, Porter and Quargo (Ape Truck) ranges of commercial vehicles.

The Piaggio Group brand portfolio contains some of the most distinguished and historic names in the two-wheeler industry, from Gilera (founded in 1909) and Moto Guzzi (founded in 1921) to Aprilia (which in just over twenty years has established itself as the most successful Italian and European vehicle manufacturer in the world motorcycling championships) and Vespa, the extraordinary two-wheeler that has come to be regarded as “the” scooter: with more than 18 million vehicles produced since it made its debut in 1946, the Vespa is an incredibly long-lived market success as well as one of the best known icons of Italian style and technology in the world.

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About Vespa

The extraordinary two-wheeler that has come to be regarded as “the” scooter: with more than 18 million vehicles produced since it made its debut in 1946, the Vespa is an incredibly long-lived market success as well as one of the best known icons of Italian style and technology in the world.

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