Turn Everyone into an Admin on WhatsApp Chat Group

I wonder if you have noticed, everyone can now become admin on any WhatsApp chat group. This was not mentioned at all in WhatsApp update or on WhatsApp blog. Thanks to my friend who mentioned this feature while chatting on WhatsApp.


The problem with WhatsApp is that although they have change log, there is little or no information on what had been enhanced or updated on their app. Of course, most people do not bother but I think that it takes little effort to come up with one. I am not complaining. They are actually doing a great job.

BTW, I only try this on Android device. So I am not sure if iOS users can do that or not.

How to Change a Participant on WhatsApp to Admin

To become an admin, the original administrator will need to assign the participant(s) into the group admins.

  • Go to Group Info
  • Press and hold any participant.
  • Choose “Add “participant name” to group admins

That is it. The person becomes an admin. Hope that this information on this little feature helps. I know many people wish for this feature 🙂 .


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