Casio launches Lamp-free Projector in Singapore

Casio next generation High Performance Lamp-free Projector, XJ-V1, will be available in Singapore from Q2 this year. Instead of lamp, it will be using a Laser and LED Hybrid light source to achieve higher energy efficiency and bigger long term cost savings. There is no news of pricing yet.

DPJ XJ-V1 side

Press Release

Casio Launches Next-Generation High Performance Projector

Greater energy efficiency and affordability with the Casio XJ-V1

Singapore, 20 January 2015: Casio Singapore has launched a next generation lamp-free Casio XJ-V1 projector equipped with a Laser and LED Hybrid light source achieving higher energy efficiency and bigger long term cost savings suitable for educational institutions and businesses.

With Casio’s corporate creed being “Creativity and Contribution”, along with them taking on a stance of being environmentally responsible, Casio is dedicated in the creation of products that are not only high-performance and efficient, but environmentally sustainable as well. With close to 90% of global market share in the Laser and LED Hybrid projector category[1], Casio has been leading the way as a technological innovator since its invention of the first Laser & LED Hybrid light source projector in 2010. The XJ-V1 is the latest in Casio’s line of Laser & LED Hybrid light source projectors that performs effectively in classrooms, conference halls or boardrooms.

Optimal Performance

The XJ-V1 starts up and shuts down almost instantly and achieves full brightness in less than five seconds, enabling users to work more efficiently. The casing of the projector is also refined to be dust-resistant, keeping the dust out and further shielding the light source to ensure optimal performance at all times.

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Ease of Replacement and Lower Total Cost of Ownership

The XJ-V1 comes with a light and compact design to be easily installed and conveniently mounted onto conventional universal ceiling mounts, without the hassle of additional heavy construction work.

While the use of Laser and LED Hybrid light source technology typically increases the production costs of similar projectors, Casio has used cost-saving lighting source units and projection lens to keep production costs low, ensuring that the XJ-V1 remains competitively priced.

By going lamp-free, there is no need to worry about routine maintenance brought about by wear and tear as mercury lamp projectors would require. This greatly reduces the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with long-term cost savings.

Energy Savings and Environmental Conservation

The brightness of the XJ-V1 projector is capped at 2700 lumens, resulting in savings in electricity compared to mercury lamp projectors, which helps to cut TCO and monthly utility bills.

Under the slogan of “Time to Go Lamp Free for Everyone!”, Casio brings out the XJ-V1 projector in a bid to make Laser and LED Hybrid light source projectors the mainstream projector in the market. The adoption of Laser and LED Hybrid light sources conserves the environment by reduced power consumption, leading to lower carbon dioxide emissions. The use of Laser and LED Hybrid light source also designed for environmental sustainability as they do not make use of toxic mercury lamps in the projectors.

The use of Laser and LED Hybrid light source also helps to prolong the projector’s usability and lifespan of up to 20,000 hours while still reducing overall energy consumption by half, enabling educational institutions and businesses to save costs and reduce carbon footprint.

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The new XJ-V1 projector is manufactured by Yamagata Casio Co., Ltd., a Japanese-based manufacturing subsidiary in the Casio Group. By applying advanced production techniques developed over many years, Yamagata Casio ensures and guarantees that the XJ-V1 achieves and retains premium Japanese quality.

Price and Availability

The XJ-V1 projector will be available in Singapore by the 2nd quarter of this year and can be found at Casio authorised dealers.