Customized phones for everyone with Project Ara (video)

A few days ago, I watched part of the Project Ara developers’ conference via “live” streaming. As a layman, I think it is extremely boring because there are many technicalities involved. However, if you look at this video of what to expect, I am sure you will say “wow!”


Actually, I have been talking about Project Ara since the day it was announced. I like the idea of modular phones. Every phone is unique and customized to the users’ needs. Break a screen, replace the screen module. Need a better camera, change the camera module.

From concept to pilot testing, Project Ara has come a long way. In 2015, Puerto Rico will be the test bed (pilot run) for Ara. It is selected for its diverse mobile users and mobile providers. Looking forward to the results and looking even forward to version 3 of Project Ara which will focus on 4G and etc.

Check out the video now.


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