Hui Ge showing how to unlock a Digital Lock for a home (video)

Note that this is NOT an advertorial. Just sharing this video of Hui Ge (Henry Thia a.k.a 辉哥) who has not been seen for some time already. Here he is, showing us how to use technology to unlock the front gate and door of a HDB flat.


For my next house, I will definitely use a digital lock for convenience sake. Note that there are now a number of brands selling these products. I have yet to explore them. Tradition brand like Yale is already into these digital locks. I am sure the rest will follow. And as usual, Samsung is always into any field of products, including the digital locks.

Over the years, the digital locks have evolved from accessing via simple pin codes, to the use of Fingerprint and lately, RFID technology (NFC) which you can find in some modern phones.

Watch the video for a good laugh… although the acting (of the mother) could be more natural. Note that the video is in a mixture of Hokkien and English. Please use the CC feature on YouTube to understand the conversation.


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