Xiaomi Mi Band display goes haywire after New Year

If you are wearing a Xiaomi Mi Band on your wrist, you might get a surprise when you check your device battery. For those who had charged after the New Year, you might not see any issue. But for those who did not, can you spot the issue?


On my Mi Band, it shows that the device was charged for -342 days ago. Yes, that is a negative value and it is NOT logical. I don’t think that it is a big problem. Just counter that does not goes well with a year change. Nevertheless, it needs to be solved.

Don’t get me wrong. I still think that this Mi Band is value for money. I actually like it a lot for its super long battery life and the accurate analyses of the sleeping time. This is just part and parcel of app issue.

Do you have this issue, or is it me only? BTW, my Mi Band App version is 1.1.961.


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