Skype Translator ready for preview, translates in real time (video)

Skype previewed the Skype Translator. It allows people to speak naturally to each other in different languages and the software will translate to in real time. In the video preview, two schools, one in the USA and the other in Mexico, tried Skype Translator. Check out the results.


I can envision the World without language barrier with Skype Translator (of course, it will be years). Currently, it can only translate in English and Spanish. Nevertheless, it is already a great achievement.

If you would like to try it, get in the queue. Click HERE to register your interest. And when the time comes, Skype will inform you. In the meanwhile, enjoy the video showing the students playing the game Mystery Skype where each side is supposed to guess where they are from.

At the moment, it supports Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 Preview devices. Of course, it will progress to other OSes. The day where everyone can communicate freely and naturally in different languages

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